As your business moves further into 2024, having an effective SEO strategy is more crucial than ever for reaching your target audience online. A reputable SEO company with proven experience can make a tremendous impact through their SEO services. But out of the many agencies out there, how do you decide which one is the best fit to amplify your site and deliver you more qualified traffic and leads?

To help you find the ideal digital marketing partner, we’ve compiled the 10 most essential questions to ask when looking to hire an SEO company. Continue reading to learn what these questions are.

Question 1: What is Your SEO Experience in My Industry?

Having considerable experience in your particular industry vertical demonstrates the SEO company’s ability to formulate industry-specific SEO strategies. Ask them about notable clients they’ve ranked high with industry-relevant keywords.

Question 2: What is Your Typical SEO Process?

A systematic SEO strategy tailored to your website and target audience is crucial for sustainable rankings and traffic growth. Inquire about the SEO workflow they implement for their clients from auditing to ongoing optimization.

Question 3: What Competitor Research Methods Do You Use?

The SEO provider should keep tabs on your competitor rankings to develop content and link-building campaigns that help you outperform them. Question them about the competitor research and tracking techniques they utilize.

Question 4: What Monthly Reporting is Included?

Transparent monthly reports highlighting meaningful SEO metrics demonstrate accountability and allow monitoring campaign impact. Ask the specifics of monthly reports they provide – key data points, formats, scheduling, etc.

Question 5: What is Your Link Building and Content Strategy?

The success of an SEO campaign depends heavily on the quality of link-building and content. Understanding their methodology around securing backlinks and creating content that ranks is paramount before getting them on board.

Question 6: What SEO Tools Do You Use?

There are hundreds of SEO tools for various functions – rank tracking, keyword research, backlink analysis, etc. Learn what core SEO tools and 3rd party services they utilize for their campaigns to gauge their technical competency.

Question 7: What About Penalty Risks?

Inquire about measures they follow to avoid potential Google penalties resulting from black-hat techniques. This determines how compliance-focused their SEO approach is for long-term ranking stability.

Question 8: How Do You Show ROI for SEO?

Any SEO campaign’s real value lies in how well it delivers return on investment (ROI). Ask how they track and report on SEO ROI through metrics like impression share metrics, CTR uplift, and conversion volume to demonstrate business impact.

Question 9: What is Your SEO Pricing Model?

SEO project prices vary greatly depending on scope, deliverables, location and more. Compare pricing models – flat monthly retainers, project-based, hourly rates, etc. and see which aligns best with your budget and needs.

Question 10: What is Your SEO Setup and Optimization Process for a New Website?

If hiring for a new website, understanding their technical SEO audit and implementation process for fresh websites is key. A strong technical SEO foundation sets up new sites for long-term rankings success.

Key SEO Company Vetting Questions

What is your SEO experience in my industry?Identifies industry-specific expertise
What is your typical SEO process?Understands strategy and optimization workflows
What competitor research methods do you use?Keeps tabs on competitor rankings
What monthly reporting is included?  Provides campaign progress transparency
What is your link building and content strategy?         Determines quality of SEO content and links
What SEO tools do you use?  Highlights technical capabilities
What about penalty risks?       Checks if techniques put site at risk
How do you show ROI for SEO?        Reports on business impact and ROI
What is your SEO pricing model?       Compares cost structures
What is your SEO process for new websites?Sets up new sites for long-term SEO success

Why Asking These Questions Matters?

Asking the SEO companies the 10 questions above is important for these reasons:

  • Helps qualify SEO expertise specific to your niche
  • Provides insight into their strategy and optimization process
  • Highlights their technical SEO capabilities
  • Checks for compliance with Google guidelines
  • Reports campaign impact and ROI
  • Compares pricing models to find the best fit
  • Ensures proper SEO setup for new websites

The Bottom Line

Asking the right questions when meeting with potential SEO companies helps set appropriate expectations while revealing who will make the best partner. Keep this list of 10 vital questions handy while interviewing agencies to filter through the noise. An SEO company able to provide satisfactory answers ultimately demonstrates far greater capability to boost your organic search visibility and revenue.

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