Faced with hundreds of introductions to modern technologies and useful features, many consumers often feel confused about how to choose the right TV that suits their needs. If you’re also pondering this, take a look at the following article to learn about the 3 things you should check before buying a new TV.

1. Check the picture settings

When preparing to buy a new TV, checking the picture settings is essential to ensure that you’re investing in a product with the best image quality. Make sure the TV you’re considering can display sharp images with a minimum resolution of 1080p. Most HD TVs on the market nowadays support this resolution, but it’s still necessary to double-check.

When you visit a store with various TV models on display, take the time to compare their image processing capabilities. Choose a specific movie scene and observe how it’s displayed on each TV. From there, you can notice clear differences, such as one TV showing dull colors or lacking deep contrast.

It’s advisable to purchase TVs with a resolution of 1080p or higher for the best image experience.

2. Examine the TV’s Brightness

The ambient lighting in the location where you place your TV significantly affects image quality. For example, in dimly lit rooms, OLED models like Sony tivi 55 inch often deliver the best display. However, if your room has high brightness, OLED TVs might not be the ideal choice as ambient light can reduce brightness and image quality.

In reality, the lighting conditions within your home can differ significantly from those in a store, making it challenging to select the right TV.

To address this, you can download smartphone apps that measure brightness in a given space, such as Light Meter. Then, when you visit a store, use this app to measure the brightness there and compare it with the lighting conditions in your home. This helps you choose a TV that displays optimally under the ambient light conditions of the space where you’ll use it.

In low-light conditions, OLED TVs often outperform other TV types.

3. Assess the TV’s viewing angle

Typically, you don’t watch TV alone; you share your entertainment space with family, friends, or multitask while watching. This might mean that you can’t always sit directly in front of the TV and view the entire screen. Therefore, having a TV with a wide viewing angle can be advantageous in such situations.

To check a TV’s viewing angle, pause an image and move to the right or left until you notice the colors starting to fade and the image getting darker. This will be your limit in terms of the TV’s viewing angle.

Note that this viewing angle check should primarily apply to TVs with a size of 40 inches or larger, such as tivi Samsung 75 inch 4K. This is because this is the minimum TV size for a room with a wider area and multiple viewers.

The wider the viewing angle of the TV, the more convenient it will be when there are many people watching

So, before deciding to buy a new TV, make sure to check the picture settings, brightness, and viewing angle of the TV. This will help you choose a TV with good quality and that suits your needs.

If you’re looking to purchase a TV with these features, you can consider visiting Mạnh Nguyễn electronics store. They offer a wide range of authentic TV models for you to choose from. Additionally, they provide discounts of up to 20-30% compared to market prices. Mạnh Nguyễn also ensures that you have post-purchase benefits, such as returns for manufacturing defects, warranties, repairs, and more, so you can shop with confidence.

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