Researchers, including four Nobel laureates, have paid close attention to NAD+ since its discovery over a century ago as “cozymase,” a cofactor in fermentation. The understanding of the biochemistry of enzymatic processes and the function of NAD+ was greatly enhanced by Otto Warburg’s seminal discovery of this fact in the 1930s 


Multiple cellular sub compartments use different oxidoreductase enzymes to catalyze transhydrogenase processes, which utilize either reduced or oxidized NAD.  


The discovery of proteins that use NAD+, including the sirtuins, which in turn regulate metabolism, has only recently allowed the whole scope of NAD+’s activity to become apparent. These proteins act as cellular metabolic sensors that can control subsequent metabolic pathways due to their reliance on NAD+. Research implicating these physiological regulators in age-related disorders, including cancer and type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM), illustrates the significance of these results.  There are now treatments in clinical trials that aim to target these pathways. 

What does the research say? 


Warburg and colleagues did groundbreaking work in the 1930s that identified NAD(H) and NADP(H) as NAM dinucleotides. It was revealed that NAD+ is an essential cofactor for fermentation, while NADP+ is the enzyme of the dehydrogenase enzyme glucose-6-phosphate process.  


Subsequent research established that NAD and NADP are critical cogs in the cellular oxidation/reduction machinery, with the NAD+/NADH pair principally driving oxidation processes and the NADP+/NADPH pair driving reduction reactions.  


The reason behind this striking contrast among the NAD+/NADH- and NADP+/NADPH-redox couples is that their redox potentials are drastically different.  


Specifically, the NADP(H)-redox couple is significantly reduced than the NAD(H)-redox couple. 


Below is a list of some of the recognized advantages of the NAD supplement. 

Why Is NAD Beneficial? 


Preclinical evidence indicates that consuming NAD can offer medicinal advantages such as increasing endurance and efficiency, stimulating metabolism and energy levels, helping thinking, and avoiding some forms of aging. As well as these general wellness benefits, numerous medical states, such as persistent tiredness, inflammatory diseases, and metabolic conditions, include problems with depleting NAD. 

  1. May Promote Aging in a Healthy Way by Activating Enzymes


The body’s NAD+ levels can be elevated using nicotinamide riboside. 


Enzymes that may aid in healthy aging are activated in response to NAD+. 


One category consists of sirtuins, which have been shown to enhance the health and longevity of animals. Research suggests that sirtuins have the potential to repair damaged DNA, increase resilience to stress, decrease inflammation, and provide additional advantages that support healthy aging. 

Calorie restriction extends longevity, and this is due in part to sirtuins. 


Restoring DNA damage is the job of another set of enzymes called poly (ADP-ribose) polymerases (PARPs). More PARP activity is associated with lower damage to DNA and more extended longevity. 

Revives up the energy


By increasing energy and blood circulation, NAD+ aids in physical and athletic performance, two areas where it is very important in energy metabolism. Additionally, it aids in muscle regeneration and repair following exercise and supposedly slows down age-related muscular atrophy. 


As it transports fuel from food molecules to other cells, ATP not only increases your energy levels but also converts food molecules into usable energy. Due to NAD+’s pivotal function in ATP synthesis, NAD+ Therapy has the potential to alleviate lethargy, boost energy, and fight tiredness. If you find that a lengthy transatlantic travel leaves you feeling exhausted, NAD+ injections are an excellent method to alleviate the negative effects of jet lag. 

Emotional well-being


Supplemental NAD, intramuscular treatment, or intravenous NAD administration may alleviate mental health symptoms. Addiction, sadness, worry, and various other mental health issues are more common in those whose NAD levels are low. 


The latest studies demonstrate that NAD infusions are a safe and effective way to treat drug use disorders on their own. The use of NAD has the potential to alleviate addictive urges and lessen the likelihood of overdose for the millions of people who suffer from addictive tendencies, particularly those with genetic predispositions. 


Researchers found that NAD helped those with drug use disorders feel less depressed and anxious. 


Supplemental NAD is effective in treating depression, according to this animal research from 2022. One more in a long series of innovative therapies for depression is NAD+. 

Lowers cholesterol levels


Everyone knows that high cholesterol dramatically increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, and that strokes and heart attacks are the leading causes of mortality in this population. Research has demonstrated that NAD and its precursor, niacin, can reduce cardiovascular risk by lowering triglycerides and boosting the amount of HDL (the healthy cholesterol).  

Partially due to the fact that substance misuse lowers NAD+ levels, recovering from addiction is an emotionally and physically taxing process. Energy converted from meals is more difficult when NAD+ levels are low. Substance misuse problems may be more common in those whose bodies naturally generate less NAD+, according to specific theories. 


There is currently no known cure for addiction, although NAD+ Therapy can aid in many aspects of the rehabilitation process. Reducing cravings for alcohol and drugs, alleviating withdrawal symptoms, and flushing out residual substances are all possible benefits. Even without artificial stimulants like sugar or caffeine, NAD+ Therapy can assist the body in producing more energy naturally. 


Consult your physician if you are interested in learning more about NAD+ Therapy and how it might fit into your comprehensive plan for recovering from addiction. It has the potential to supplement a comprehensive rehabilitation program. 

In summary  

Even though the effectiveness and safety of NAD supplementation are still in its preliminary stage, conduct your research before incorporating any supplement into your regimen. 

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