A birthday celebration is coming soon, and you are stuck choosing a birthday cake for your loved ones. Sometimes, it gets difficult and tedious, but do not worry; we are here to help you select the best birthday cake by offering various options for both kids and adults.

In this article, you will get to know lots of cake ideas, so you just have to do one thing that you have to find out your loved one’s choice and interest; after that, you can easily select the cake’s design as per your loved one’s choice.

1]  Floral Cake Design

Whenever we see flowers, happiness automatically comes with it, so you can also say flowers are the symbol of happiness, joy, and freshness. And if you want to make someone’s birthday special with lots of freshness, then you can go with a floral cake. No matter where you live, these types of cakes are available online in every city. 

For instance, if you are a Delhiite and planning to celebrate your loved one’s birthday, then, you can search and order to get a unique cake delivery in Delhi online. So at your convenience, you can choose the best cake that satisfies your dearest one’s tastebuds. In addition, there are various kinds of edible flowers, such as roses, lavender, violets, and many more, that you can opt for.

2] Personalised Cake Design 

A birthday is the most important part of everyone’s life, and everyone wants to feel special on his or her day. And if you want to make your loved ones happy and turn a birthday celebration into a grand celebration, then you can order a personalised cake by giving it a personal touch. Personalised cake should be like – 

  • Name and message on the cake
  • Photo cake
  • Only name cake

You can order as per your favourite flavour, like strawberry cake, chocolate cake, pineapple cake, and many more flavours.

3]  Unicorn Designed Cake

Nowadays, unicorn cakes are trendier than all other cakes. You have the best option to opt for a unicorn-designed cake to make a birthday celebration extraordinary and unique. It looks very nice and comes in an incredibly unique design, which can be a perfect surprise birthday cake for your family and friends.

And you have many options for unicorn cakes, like unicorn birthday cake, golden horn, unicorn rainbow cake, whipped cream unicorn cake, and so on. 

4] Cartoon Designed Cake

Your little one’s birthday is coming, and you have to organise a fabulous birthday party. There is nothing better than to bring a cartoon-based cake. Kids are very fond of cartoons and are greatly impressed by their characters. In the cartoon category, there are numerous options for cake design, for instance- Disney birthday cake, Mickey Mouse, Fairytale cake, Pubg cake, The Little Mermaid, and many more.

5] 3D Sculpted Cake 

If you are in a rocking mood to celebrate your real one’s birthday uniquely, then a 3D Sculpted cake design is only for you. Its jaw-dropping and eye-catching design gives a very realistic look, and Fondants are used to maintain its realism.  According to your preferred size and shape, you can order this 3D Sculpted Cake and enjoy it with your family and friends. 

6]  Rainbow Layered-Cake 

To make your loved one’s life colourful, you must try Rainbow Layers Cake for the birthday celebration. When your loved ones cut this beautiful rainbow cake, it will reveal its six stunning colourful layers – red, yellow, green, purple, blue, and orange- which will lighten up the atmosphere and give a positive energy. This multicoloured cake gives a beautiful look and delicious taste.

7] Ice Cream Drip Cake

You have another cake option to order if you are looking for a lip-smacking customized cake to make your loved ones happy. Ice Cream Drip Cake is the best designer cake to buy online for a birthday celebration, especially for ice cream lovers. This ice cream drip cake will definitely make your loved one’s heart melt, too. This cake also comes in different flavours, sizes, shapes, and designs, which can be ideal for different age groups.

8] Pinata Bashing Cake 

If you like surprises and want to surprise your family and friends, you can choose Pinata Birthday Cake for sure. Pinata Cake is a surprise type of cake because you can keep whatever you want inside the cake, for instance, chocolates, candies, gems, messages, and much more. It comes in various kinds, such as chocolate pinata cake, unicorn pinata cake, rainbow pinata cake, etc., in different sizes and shapes.


We have shared various kinds of cake ideas; with the help of these, you can order your cake and make your loved one’s birthday celebration as fabulous as you want. These delicious and lip-smacking cakes will definitely help to uplift your friends and family’s mood. All the cakes are in high demand and covered for this special occasion, so select your favourite cake and throw a tremendous party for your loved ones. 

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