We can’t stop shopping. It has pros and cons, just like everything else. When we buy things, we part with our cash, and stores profit from it. That’s how things are right away in life. What could stop someone from shopping in the beautiful country of Saudi Arabia?

After performing Umrah, it can be the desire of every pilgrim to shop in the holy cities. Most pilgrims buy something for their loved ones on returning from the holy cities. It’s best to remember that you shop for souvenirs, gifts, and local products that reflect the heritage and culture of Makkah. If you are going to Mecca only for a short time (2 to 3 days), acquire a tour guide as a personal transporter when booking Umrah Packages. Without this step of obtaining a tour guide service, making your dream real is difficult.

Shopping in the holy cities can be a fun and relaxing activity after conducting all the rituals of Umrah. However, when you plan shopping, you should follow some tips and preparations to get the best deals and prices. See the list of tips below:

Plan your budget and time for shopping.

Before going to shopping markets, you must clearly know your budget and a suitable time. Arrange your budget by prioritising the items that you want to buy. Don’t overspend and waste your time on unnecessary and low-quality items. Although physical payment is more acceptable, digital payment is also common nowadays. Take some cards and cash on hand to avoid charging extra fees on digital deposits.

Know where and what to shop.

Makkah and Madinah are holy cities that offer different shopping markets and modern malls. Regarding Makkah, there are different modern malls and super traditional markets, including souks. 

See the list below:

  • Bin Dawood Complex – A hypermarket near the Masjid Al-Haram
  • Al Hijaz Mall
  • Al Diyafa Mall
  • Souk Al Khalil
  • Khalid Ibn Al-Waleed Street

When talking about Madinah, it offers a variety of shopping products and services. From Islamic items to modern brands, you will find everything there. 

  • Al Noor Mall
  • Al Rashid Mall
  • Madinah Old Bazaar
  • Souq Al Gharbiah
  • Taiba commercial centre

These are some of the best shopping places in the holy cities where you will find everything, such as gold, silver, gemstones, honey, nuts, clothes, shoes, Islamic items, Dua books, prayer beads, etc.

Check the quality and authenticity.

This is the most significant tip for Umrah pilgrims. When buying items/shopping, you must inspect the items carefully. Check the quality and authenticity if there are any defects, flaws, or damage, and in case you find that, you must ensure a receipt or warranty from the shopping centre. Avoid buying fake, illegal, or harmful items, such as second-hand branded clothes, watches, or perfumes. Make your shopping respectful while following Islamic rules and values.

Bargain and compare respectfully.

For Umrah pilgrims, prices can matter a lot due to budget. When shopping, you should bargain respectfully and compare the prices before making the final purchase. In the shopping markets of holy cities, sellers tend to inflate their prices for tourists and pilgrims. Don’t hesitate to ask about deals and discounts if you are unsatisfied with your purchase. 

Remember that the holy cities use the currency of Riyal. When getting discounts, convert your currency and use the calculator for your satisfaction. If you need more deals in one shop, try to shop with another seller according to your preferences.

Dates are one of the best and dominant parts of Saudi traditions. Many pilgrims, when they go on Umrah or Hajj, buy dates when they return from Saudi Arabia. These tips will help you find good dates at a good price:

  1. Look for a standard store.
  2. Inquire about the dates’ ages
  3. Check out the boxes
  4. Take a look to see if all the dates are still fresh
  5. Don’t be in a hurry to buy; instead, look for cheaper choices.
  6. Ajwa is one of the best dates you can go on. You can buy them in Makkah for 100-150 SR/Kg.

Have a final glance.

You must make sure how much your luggage is when you are going to return home. Because all flights allow you to travel with a certain weight, be prepared to pay extra if your luggage increases. You may be shocked at that time, to get rid of this situation, carry to confirm with your travel agent what is exact?

To finalise this article, shopping is one of the best activities after performing Umrah. These are some expert tips for memorable and enjoyable shopping in Makkah and Madinah. This article may be informative and useful when you follow the tips. Make sure that you have enough budget that you can use to shop. May your shopping go well in Saudi Arabia!


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