Installation of the water hose reel in your yard greatly simplifies watering lawn, garden, and outdoor areas. A high-quality hose reel enables you to keep a garden hose coiled when not in use and unwind it conveniently for watering purposes. Today there are so many different water hose reels in the market that it becomes challenging to settle on the best system for your needs. Here are some tips for choosing the ideal water hose reel for your yard:

Consider the Mounting Type

Water hose reel mounts that are most common in the industry include wall-mounted, cabinet-mounted, and freestanding carts.

A water hose reel wall mount is fixed directly to the exterior building of your home or garage. This helps raise the hose reel off the ground and keeps it tidy away from where people walk. Wall mounting also makes reaching the faucet for connection of your hose easy. Select a powder-coated metal wall mount that is durable. Factor the hose capacity if you are opting for a wall-mounted hose reel.

Cabinet-mounted reels are placed inside a metal or plastic cabinet that is attached to the wall. Not only does the cabinet keep the hose well-hidden, but it also adds a second layer of protection from nature’s elements outside. While cabinet-style reels require more wall space, they do protect your investment in the best water hose reel.

If your yard is large, you will need free-standing carts with wheels that make it possible for one to move around. Carts do not have to be mounted on a wall or cabinet. Yet they do occupy space in the yard when left idle. Go for a cart with quality wheels that will navigate the terrain of your yard.

Find a Hose Length and Capacity

As you choose the right hose length for your reel, consider the size of yards. Water hoses are typically 50 feet, although some of the longer varieties can measure up to a hundred or more for large yards. Be sure to choose a hose reel capable of supporting the length of your hose. This information is typically found in the product details. A hose reel with sufficient capacity will keep your dressing neatly without bending it or kinking.

Account for Hose Type

Bear in mind the type of hose you are going to use when choosing your hose reel. The best hoses to have for use with a reel are lightweight and flexible so they don’t wrap too tightly around avoiding extra bulk. It is costly for the hose reel to pull heavier rubber hoses and causes premature system wear. Ensure that you have a hose reel designed for the weight and thickness of your preferred choice.

Consider Extra Features

Modern hose reels provide useful functions that ensure maximum efficiency and ease of use. Some key features to look for include:

– Safe and neater automatic rewind mechanism for the hose.

– Crank handle used for the easy extension and retraction of hose.

– Auto-latching mechanism for securing hose at the desired length

– Flexible water hose reel wall mount points

– Sturdy metal design featuring anti-corrosion finish

– Complementary embellishments for your home’s exterior.

– Inner hose fittings and nozzle holders for more organization.

– Mobile wheels.

– Closed case for the reel (for cabinet models).

Selecting the Right Location

When installing the best water hose reel, choose a convenient outdoor location:

  1. Opt for a wall mounted hose reel so that you can reach the outdoor faucet to easily connect hoses. Mount it onto an outside wall of your house or garage.
  1. Choose a site that is as close to an outdoor faucet. Attach to the exterior wall of the home, garage, or fence.
  1. Find a flat part of your driveway, patio, or yard that can be connected by the hose to irrigate all parts of your landscape.

Ensure there is enough space for mounting the reel and to draw back the hose without hindrances. Wall-mounted reels require side clearance for the crank handle. Choose a site that eliminates kinks and sharp bends in the hose. Good installation guarantees that the hose reel system will run smoothly and last a long time.

Maintaining Your Water Hose Reel

A good water hose reel system for your yard is a great investment. However, remember that proper maintenance is critical in making sure your hose reel gives you years of faithful service. Here are some tips for keeping your water hose reel working its best:

Appropriate seasonal maintenance of your water hose reel will keep all parts working efficiently. You can take good care of your hose reel in a very simple manner to ensure you get value for money from this great yard investment.


Selecting the perfect water hose reel will ensure that your garden is always clean, well-kept, and easily accessible. Find the adequate mounting type, hose capacity, and features for your yard. Seek a durable substance, resistant to weather conditions. So choose a size that is appropriate for your hose length. When you mount the best water hose reel in an easily accessible area, your garden and lawn areas will be comfortably watered for many years of maintenance-free performance

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