Wearing Stylish suits for men for your own big day is a completely different experience than wearing one to other weddings. For men, it is essential to uniquely accessorize your wedding suit with some attractive staples so that you can present yourself as a groom in the crowd with your outfit. Wearing a suit at weddings is very common and normal. It completely depends on your styling and understanding of how you can make yourself notable as a groom in the crowd by wearing a men’s suit. 

In this article, we will try to help grooms with some styling tips and which accessories should be added to enhance and complete your wedding suit outfit.  

5 Types Of Essential Accessories You Should Consider While Styling Your Wedding Suits

  1. Necktie That Enhance Your Outfit

The first and most essential accessory you should add to your wedding outfit can be considered a necktie. The guests attending the wedding will not normally wear a tie with their suits as it is more suitable and appropriate for the groom. If it’s your wedding and you are thinking of buying a wedding suit for men, you should surely have a contrasting tie that complements your outfit along with your bride. 

A necktie can change your overall appearance with a classic touch of elegance.

  1. Brooch To Complete the groom’s look

A brooch is the only accessory that can make you look different and attractive from others. We know it’s a minor thing and probably goes unnoticed, but everyone notices a nice and unique brooch. A good Brooch needs to be there on the groom’s wedding suit to magnify your look. 

If you are planning to wear a black shimmery wedding suit then you should add a brooch that matches the color of your bride’s outfit so that both your outfits blend and complement each other.

  1. Classic Footwear

Selecting the perfect footwear is a really very tough decision which should be taken very carefully. Just a pair of footwear can ruin your look and also enhance your look. While selecting footwear for wedding suits go for formal boots. Pure leather formal boots would be a great choice for wedding suits, but the color choice should be done after selecting the suit’s color and shade in contrast. 

Some men also like to wear classic loafer shoes to modify their appearance uniquely. Loafer shoes that can be worn with wedding suits for men come in different ranges of patterns, colors, and material options. 

  1. Elegant Cufflinks

Cufflinks are not always necessary to wear with a men’s suit. If the shirt already has suitable buttons that are perfect for enhancing your look, then you should not have another cufflink with your suit. If your shirt does not have buttons then you should add cufflinks on the cuffs to protect your dressing and enhance the look.

You can have thousands of options ranging from crystal, glass, diamonds, pearls, stainless steel, silver and golden metals, and many other types of cufflinks. Nowadays, cufflinks are available in a variety of graphic patterns and leathers depending on the theme.

  1. Pocket Watch 

90% of men believe that a watch should not be worn with a suit because it is not visible but this is not true at all. Even in today’s time, many people who are fond of watches or who like to carry watches with them, keep classic touch pan or pocket watches to define their watch love. In earlier times, the richest people used to keep pocket watches, but this is not the case today. You can keep a pocket watch to make your wedding look more classy.


Your wedding reception is the most beautiful moment of your life and it should be very special as the occasion is. Choose your wedding suit for men wisely. At Suvidha, you can have a wide range of many different types of wedding suits for men for every you with different tastes. We have created a wide range of men’s suits in different colour options and patterns from normal to classy appearance. Visit our site to make your wedding reception perfect with our outfits.

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