So, you are good with words and believe your passion is real to the point of becoming an author. Believing that you are meant to write is one thing – however – many people find themselves quitting on their dream even before completing their first chapter because, as things get hard, they find out that writing isn’t meant for them.

That said, you will want to be absolutely sure that writing is what you want to do before you embark on the writing journey.

Role vs. Reality – Where Do You Stand? 

The difference between the role that someone likes to play and someone who is actually meant to be what they want to be is that from the moment it starts getting difficult – those who want to play the role step back because they get to know how hard it is. 

This aspect makes them rethink what it is that they really want to do. Now, if you think that you are a writer, you should know that writers write.  Some people think they are good with words. However, you will also have to be good at storytelling to be a writer. 

If you have an unforgettable story to share with the world, you might want to choose one of the best UK ghostwriters for hire if you are in the UK. The thing about ghostwriters is that they are professionals who know how to deliver with excellence. 

You Are Dedicated to the Hard Work 

So, if you start something, which in this case is writing, and you can never complete it, then you will need to take it as an indicator that writing might not be for you. The truth about writing is that even after you complete the first draft – your first draft will disappoint you as it won’t be as good as you might expect it to be. 

As a matter of fact, writing is a journey that requires continuous improvement, which is why most authors feel like their writing sucks – even after publishing two or three books.

You will want to mentally prepare yourself for the storm that you will have to surpass and overcome when on your writing journey, which includes self-doubt. You may wake up on some days wondering whether or not you are doing the right thing.

Nonetheless, the storm of challenges is a vital part of mastering the art of writing. It also requires serious commitment and dedication, which is why you will want to view writing as a job and not a temporary passion, as you will be working every day to fill the pages.

So, enjoy the process instead of feeling overwhelmed with the task at hand. Also, it is important to mention here that different types of writing exist, such as novels, fiction, memoirs, romance, scriptwriting, copywriting, etc. This aspect indicates that your skillset might not be designed for novels but is better suited for copywriting.

Nonetheless, whatever your goal is, you must ensure that you are fully committed to reaching your goal.

If you are meant to be something that you want to be, you will know deep inside your guts that this is your calling. So, you will certainly want to listen to your gut feelings as well, because some things, you simply know, and nothing can stray you from that. 

So, you will want to do the hard work and listen to your instincts to either find out that it is not that you are really passionate about or early on – you know that your ultimate goal is indeed your passion, as there is no room for second thoughts and doubt – and nothing is going to stop you from it. 

This innate feeling designates a writer who is in for the long haul. 

You Feel Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable 

Now, once you start working on your passion and you are committed to reaching your goal of getting that book published, there will be times when things will be uncomfortable. It will look like you are going to fail, as you might not feel as optimistic and confident about the first draft or manuscript as you were in the beginning. 

It is important to mention here that even when you might feel like a failure, you want to see failure as a test. You might feel like a failure even after writing down a few chapters; however, during those vulnerable moments, the real test will be on you and your determination regarding how badly you want to succeed and how badly you want to be what you strive to be. 

No matter whether you have just started writing or have already published a few books, you should know that the life of a writer is filled with rejection, failure, and tons of criticism, which is never going to go away, even after winning a best-seller award. 

As a matter of fact, the stakes are even higher, as there is money involved, and depending on whom you are writing for, as you could become a screenwriter as well, you will have to deal with contracts and pressure to work under a deadline. 

When you start working professionally and land a contract with a publication house, you are supposed to be creative under a deadline, which means that there will be constant pressure to deal with. Suppose you put in the hard work, write dedicatedly every day, and hire a team of professionals to do the editing and proofreading for you, and ultimately reach your goal of becoming a New York’s best-seller

In this case, you might enjoy the moment of having made it to the peak, which, undoubtedly, will last with you a long time; however, you might feel the pressure to ensure that your next book is a hit, too – so the pressure never lifts as a writer. 

When you write for fun—to kill the time—you are at ease. However, if you write for your readers, you cannot take it as fun because then it becomes your job, and you will have the responsibility to deliver. 

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