Imagine you have come closer to the stage of becoming a physician. After writing many drafts of personal statements and finally having your statement with you. Receiving the invitation for a medical interview gives you a sense of relief after doing a lot of hard work.

As soon as you celebrate your success, the anxiety comes again. Your mind starts wondering about medical school interviews.

What will happen during the interview?

How will you answer the common questions, like stating the reasons for becoming a physician?

And many more.

It can be challenging to answer such questions if you are well prepared. But, with the right approach, you can confidently answer such questions in an interview.

Here, we will help you with tips and common medical school interview questions frequently asked in interviews.

Why Medical School Interview?

Medical school interviews assess the candidate based on some pieces of information.

  1. You get going with people- Once you become a physician, you interact with patients, nurses, colleagues, etc. This way of communication shows a personable and likable nature.
  2. Transparency- Your application reflects your true nature. The interviewer assesses your transparency about your weaknesses and strengths. 

Tips to Consider to Ace the Interview

Research Medical Schools

There are approximately 192 medical schools in the United States. Every medical school is different from one another. So, it is essential to know about where you will be interviewed.

The first thing you can do is to look at their mission statements. This will help you to ace your preparation for becoming a physician. In an interview, include relevant phrases from the medical school’s mission statement in your answer. This will highlight that you have done your research.


When practicing for medical school interviews, you can opt for mock interviews. 

The number of mock interviews you do gives you an opportunity to prepare for the actual interview.

You can ask the interviewer about your feedback during a mock interview. It can be related to your eye contact, speech volume, clarity, and ease of conversation.

Keep up with Current Trends in Medicine

There is a high possibility that you will be asked one question regarding current trends in medicine. Keeping up with the right resources for obtaining medical information is essential.

Different Types of Med School Interviews

Each medical school has a different interviewing process. Some prefer traditional interviews. The interview format that is becoming popular among medical schools is multiple mini-interviews (MMI).

What are MMI Interviews?

Multiple Mini Interview format consists of several short interviews. Each is conducted at separate “stations’ and focuses on a specific scenario. What’s unique about this interview format?  If you don’t perform well in one interview, you can focus on the following interview.

Common Medical School Interview Questions 

In medical interviews, the interviewer generally asks questions.

These questions can be related to life, scenario-based, medicine, and current trends.

Here are some of the common med school interview questions:

1. Tell me about yourself.

2. Why did you choose the medical field? 

3. Do you have any family members in the medical field?

4. Can you share your inspiration or experience that prompted you to opt for the medical field?

5. Tell me about the extracurricular activities you participated in.

6. What are your weaknesses and strengths?

7. What motivates you about medicine?

8. How do you manage the stress? Is there any method that you follow to handle it?

9. What scares you the most?

10. What worries you the most about being a physician?

11. How do you keep up with current trends related to the medical field?

12. If you couldn’t become a physician, what would you do and why?

13. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

14. Give evidence that showcases your strengths.

15. Do you listen to speak or listen to understand?

16. A patient brings you a costly present. What would you do in this situation?

17. Share your views on the relationship between doctor and patient.

18. How do you handle failure?

19. What makes you happy and exciting?


Getting an invitation to a medical school interview shows that you are now one step closer to turning your dream true. But, it is also the moment that determines your journey of becoming a physician. You can perform well in the interview with enough practice through mock interviews, researching about the med schools, up to date with current trends, and knowing about the different types of interviews. There are essential interview questions that can help you to face the actual interview confidently.

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