Merchandiser freezers are essential for many retail businesses and stores. In addition to storing packaged foods, merchandiser freezers also display food products for customers.

Most people have heard of various merchandiser freezers, such as glass door freezers or glass top chest freezers. However, there are other types of freezers, each with benefits, unique features, and value.

A retail business must choose the right type of merchandiser freezer for many reasons. 

The following will explain everything there is to know about merchandiser freezers:

What Are Merchandiser Freezers?

Merchandiser freezers, also known as merchandiser display freezers, are commercial freezers used to display and sell frozen food products in retail stores, supermarkets, street stores, etc.

These freezers are essential in helping businesses store and display products while ensuring their freshness and safety.

Here are a few unique characteristics of these freezers:

1. Merchandiser freezers are upright, reach-in style freezers with a clear glass door for customers to access products.

2. Merchandiser freezers have shelving, racks, and bins to display and organize the products inside.

3. Most merchandiser freezers have self-closing doors and special gaskets to maintain cold air and save energy.

4. Merchandiser freezers are available in diverse sizes, ranging from small under-counter units to more giant freezers based on retailer needs.

What Are the Major Types of Merchandiser Freezers?

Merchandiser freezers are available in different sizes and styles. Here are the most popular types:

Visi Coolers or Reach-in Freezers

These freezers are vertical units suitable for commercial kitchens and restaurants. Their smaller footprint makes them ideal for kitchens with limited space. These freezers can be placed in key locations for easy access for staff, saving them time and effort.

Commercial kitchens and restaurants use these freezers to store different raw ingredients, food, beverages, etc. They are available as solid door and glass door reach-in units.

A few advantages of using reach-in freezers are:

● Excellent versatility

● Reasonably-priced

● Excellent storage capabilities

● Available in different sizes and styles

Chest Merchandiser Freezers

Chest Merchandiser freezers are designed to be placed horizontally on the floor. They offer additional storage capacity and space for businesses. Chest freezers, being static refrigeration units, are most suitable for retail businesses to store food.

Chest freezers get their name due to how they open. A chest freezer opens like a chest from the top, and the food is accessed from the top.

A few of the advantages of chest freezers are:

● Good retention of cold air even during power outages

● Plenty of storage space to store large items

● Low operating costs

● Energy efficient

Walk-in Freezers/Refrigerators

Walk-in freezers are like walk-in cold rooms. They act as the main storage area for large restaurants and commercial kitchens. These freezers store and preserve different types of food, ranging from ingredients to beverages and drinks and more. They can also keep bulk, boxed, and packaged food products.

Walk-in freezers are a great storage option for any commercial kitchen. Adding more shelving options can add further efficiency to the space.

A few advantages of walk-in freezers are:

● Huge storage space to stock items in high volumes and bulk

● Top-notch storage due to efficient and sophisticated cooling systems

● Extensive and flexible storage options with shelving, racks, bins, etc., as per kitchen requirements

● Provide temperature zones at various humidity and temperature levels within the same unit

Serve Over Freezers/Counters

As an excellent option for small businesses and entrepreneurs, serve-over freezers can be used to serve customers conveniently. Cafes, meat outlets, and grocery stores find these freezers extremely useful as they display foods more appealingly. 

Unlike counter-top display freezers, these glass door freezers make it easier for customers to see and choose items.

Here are some advantages of serve-over freezers:

● Customers can easily view and select items inside serve-over freezers thanks to their glass lid

● Retailers can display frozen goods outside the closed freezer cases without compromising the required temperatures and food safety

● Shelves to segment and organize different products for easier stock rotation and display

● Flip-up lids that make accessing self-serve frozen items easier for customers without affecting the rest of the contents

Under-Counter Freezers

Under-counter freezers are designed to be installed under kitchen counters at restaurants or homes. They are shorter than reach-in freezers and can fit in smaller spaces.

These freezers are an excellent option for small restaurants, cloud kitchens, or small food counters to utilize the space optimally.

Here are some of the crucial benefits of under-counter freezers:

● Given their small size, they save kitchen space by utilizing the space below the standard kitchen counters or tables

● Easy access to items at mid-level cabinet height compared to low chest freezers or high refrigerators

● They can be easily installed below counters and workstations made of wood, laminate, stainless steel, etc.

● Food products stay frozen as needed due to the freezer’s dedicated compressor cooling technology and insulated cabinet

● Provide extra storage to their existing freezers without much space.

Pastry/Confectionery Freezers

These freezers have curved glass installed on a wooden or stainless-steel body. The objective of the freezer is to display various pasty or confectionery items and preserve them at the right temperature while ensuring their freshness.

Confectionery freezers keep the food options enticing and help the customers choose without opening the freezer.

A few crucial benefits of confectionery freezers are:

● Improved sales of high-demand frozen foods with minimized retail floor space required

● Exteriors can be wrapped with custom graphics to reinforce store brands or advertise products

● They can be placed in high-visibility areas to lure shoppers to the tempting frozen treats on display

● Available in different sizes

How to Find the Best Merchandiser Freezers?

When looking for the best merchandiser freezers, research them properly. Consider your requirements and choose the best freezer to fit all requirements.

Here is a checklist of crucial factors to consider when choosing a merchandiser freezer:

  • Understand Your Requirements

List all requirements based on the type of restaurant, size of operations, space available, etc., based on importance. Look for a freezer to meet these needs.

  • Set a Budget

Depending on the type and size, merchandiser freezers may cost a significant amount of money. The larger the size and the number of features, the costlier they can be. It is best first to set a budget and stick to it. You will surely find a freezer that fulfills all requirements and remains within budget. Researching options within budget will save time exploring unaffordable options.

  • Speak to Fellow Retail Store and Restaurant Owners

Fellow retail store and restaurant owners always offer valuable advice, as they already know the pros and cons of various merchandiser freezers. Seasoned experts can recommend the top merchandiser freezers based on practical reasons. While the individual experiences at different businesses may vary, these interactions will help you understand what to look for.

  • Read Online Reviews and Feedback

Reading reviews and feedback online from real customers is a great way to understand various freezer options.

Look for social media communities online that share their experiences. These reviews and experiences touch on various aspects that may not have otherwise been considered when deciding on a freezer choice.

  • Assess Services and Warranties

Understanding the duration of the warranty and how the company will service the freezer regularly is essential to consider.

Look for friendly and easy options. Most manufacturers offer technicians to come onsite and provide repair services when necessary.

It is wise to avoid purchasing from brands that require bringing the freezer to their facility for any repairs.

  • Consider Refurbished Merchandiser Freezers

It is possible to find businesses offering refurbished freezers, including glass door freezers, stainless-steel freezers, countertop freezers, under-counter freezers, etc.

Refurbished freezers are affordable and function exceptionally well, unlike used freezers.

Warranties for a certain period after purchase are also possible for some refurbished items. 

Merchandiser Freezers at Ancaster Food Equipment

Purchasing a merchandiser freezer is a substantial financial investment for any business. With numerous freezers to choose from, like glass-top chest freezers, under-counter freezers, display merchandiser freezers, etc., selecting the best one based on these various factors is essential.

With over 30 years of experience in the fieldAncaster Food Equipment is a reliable and established business offering new merchandiser freezers and refurbished freezers, coolers, prep tables, etc, to its customers Explore the Ancaster Food Equipment collection here.

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