Selecting the ideal driving instructor is paramount to learning to drive skilfully and safely. Driving is an activity that requires focus, skills, and good perception. In Australia, where road safety is of utmost importance, simply knowing how to drive is not enough. You should also be aware of the road rules and regulations, have quick perception and reflexes, and understand the importance of safe driving. Road rules and driving regulations in Australia differ from state to state. However, it is essential to pass through the three stages of driving education (theory test, driving hours log, and practical test) to get a full driving license. And a qualified driving instructor can get you through this process with ease. That’s why selecting the right instructor from a reputed driving school is very important. 

What to Look for in a Driving Instructor

As we already discussed, choosing a suitable instructor is an important decision. Here’s what you should look for in a good, suitable driving instructor

Qualification and License

Having the necessary qualifications and certifications is very important for an instructor. A qualified instructor will have the knowledge and know-how to teach novices. Choosing a qualified instructor ensures that you learn the right way from an accredited professional. 

Experience and Track Record

Another important thing to look for in a driving instructor is experience and track record. An experienced instructor would understand your level, skills, strengths, and weaknesses and help you improve accordingly. Good experience and track record also prove that the instructor is capable of guiding you through the process effectively. 

Teaching Style and Communication Skills

Communication is very important between an instructor and the new driver. An able instructor would easily adapt to your skill level and learning style and encourage open communication. If their teaching methods align with your preferences, then the learning process becomes more enjoyable. 

How to Select a Driving Instructor

Now that you know which qualities to look for in an instructor, let’s move on to the actual process of selecting the ideal instructor. 

Know Your Learning Preferences

Before you start looking for the right instructor, you should try to understand what your personal preferences are in terms of learning. What type of lessons would you prefer, what is your preferred mode of communication, what level of transparency and honesty you expect from the instructor, etc. Do you have any specific goals or objectives you want to achieve, like learning a specific skill or learning to drive skilfully at night, etc.? Once you know your preferences, you will be able to communicate it with your instructor and reaching your goals would become easier. 

Do a Thorough Research

Just like any other decision you make, finding the right instructor also requires forethought and research. In our digital age, research is easy and information readily accessible from the internet. Ask your friends and family for recommendations based on their experiences. Once you have a few names on the list, check their licenses and credentials from their official website, etc. Search for online reviews and ratings for your potential instructors or driving schools. Find as much about them as you can before you do a physical visit. If you’re looking for a Sydney driving school, most of the information is easily available on official websites. 

Ask Them Questions

After research come questions. Ask the potential instructor the basic questions that you would want to know like pricing and payment options. Inquire about their availability and if they’re flexible with timings. Try to learn more about how they plan their driving lessons and what is included in their curriculum. Asking questions will let them know how serious you are about the lessons and you’ll know how honest and transparent they are too. 

Consider Taking a Trial Lesson

If you’re still not fully convinced, ask the instructor about getting a trial lesson. Trial lessons can make you aware of the driving and teaching skills of the instructor. It also helps break the ice and gives you an idea of how comfortable you’ll be in learning from them. You’ll know if they’re patient and adaptive or strict and rigid in their approach to teaching. This knowledge will help you make the final decision of which instructor you’re comfortable with. 

Making the Final Decision

When making the final decision of choosing a driving school or instructor, be patient, thorough, and rational. Go through all the research you’ve done and carefully weigh the pros and cons of each instructor or school on your list. Also listen to your instincts if any, before you take a final call. 


Choosing the ideal driving instructor that meets your requirements is a process that involves careful consideration and planning. A good qualified instructor can enhance your driving skills so that you can become a safer and responsible driver. But to achieve this shared goal, you need trust, honesty, and compatibility with your instructor and the learning process. Many driving schools in Australia like Onroad Driving School offer you the chance to learn the right behavior and driving techniques from a qualified teacher and become a skilled and responsible driver.

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