Shekinah Pugh is a woman of multifaceted identity and accomplishment. Born in 1992, she carries the wisdom of 31 years with a strong Christian heritage passed down by her parents, Darell and Susy Pugh. Her very name, which signifies “the dwelling place of God” in Hebrew, encapsulates her deep-rooted faith. Beyond her spiritual foundation, Shekinah’s life journey has been enriched by love and family. In 2015, she embarked on a joyous chapter in her life by marrying Ian McGlocklin, a talented Cinematographer, and together, they have nurtured a family with two wonderful children, Gunther and Griffin.

While her career path may be enigmatic to some, Shekinah has ventured into the world of acting, leaving her mark as part of the crew of the show “Geeks Who Drink,” hosted by her brother Zachary Levi. Her story is one of faith, love, family, and a budding career in the entertainment industry, making her a captivating and inspiring individual in her own right.

Profile Summary

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Bio on Shekinah Pugh

Shekinah Pugh, born in 1992, is a 31-year-old individual with a deep-rooted Christian heritage. She is the beloved daughter of Darell and Susy Pugh, who share her devout faith.

Hailing from a year of great significance, Shekinah’s journey through life has been marked by a strong commitment to her Christian beliefs. Her name, which in Hebrew signifies “the dwelling place of God,” aptly reflects her spiritual upbringing.

Growing up in a household steeped in Christian values, Shekinah has embraced and exemplified these principles throughout her life. Her parents, Darell and Susy, have been instrumental in shaping her unwavering faith and moral compass.

Now, at the age of 31, Shekinah continues to live out her faith and share her values with others. Her life serves as a testament to the enduring influence of a strong spiritual foundation. Shekinah’s dedication to her Christian faith not only defines her identity but also inspires those around her, making her a source of inspiration for all who cross her path.

Is Shekinah Pugh Married?

Indeed, Shekinah Pugh has found love and tied the knot with her beloved, Ian McGlocklin, a skilled Cinematographer. The joyous occasion of their wedding took place on October 2, 2015, marking the beginning of their shared journey in life.

Their marital bliss has blossomed, and they have been blessed with the delightful presence of two children, Gunther and Griffin. Shekinah Pugh, beyond her other roles and accomplishments, takes on the loving and cherished role of a mother to these two wonderful youngsters.

In the realm of matrimony, Shekinah’s union with Ian serves as a testament to their commitment and love for one another. Their shared experiences and the growth of their family illustrate the enduring strength of their relationship. As Shekinah gracefully navigates the waters of both marriage and motherhood, her life is filled with the love and laughter of her husband and children, creating a beautiful and harmonious family portrait.

Does Shekinah Pugh have any Career Path?

While specific details about Shekinah Pugh’s career path remain somewhat veiled, it is evident that she has ventured into the realm of acting. One notable point of reference is her involvement as part of the crew on the show “Geeks Who Drink,” hosted by her brother, Zachary Levi.

Although her professional journey may not be extensively documented, Shekinah’s affiliation with this television production provides a glimpse into her interests and talents. Her connection to the entertainment industry through her brother’s show underscores her potential in the field.

Shekinah Pugh’s career may be a subject of curiosity, but her association with “Geeks Who Drink” serves as a tangible indicator of her involvement in the world of acting. As she continues to navigate her professional endeavors, her past experiences in the entertainment industry may shed light on the diverse talents and interests that shape her career path. While the full scope of her professional journey remains undisclosed, her role in this show underscores her potential and contributions within the world of entertainment.


In conclusion, Shekinah Pugh is a woman of multifaceted dimensions. Born in 1992 into a devout Christian family, she embodies the values instilled in her by her parents, Darell and Susy Pugh. Her name, which signifies “the dwelling place of God,” reflects her deep spiritual roots.

Beyond her strong faith, Shekinah has embarked on a journey of love and family. She married Ian McGlocklin, a Cinematographer, on October 2, 2015, and their union has been blessed with two wonderful children, Gunther and Griffin. She wears the roles of wife and mother with grace and devotion.

While her career path remains somewhat enigmatic, her involvement with the show “Geeks Who Drink,” hosted by her brother Zachary Levi, highlights her foray into the world of acting. This connection serves as a testament to her talents and interests in the entertainment industry.

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