An emergency can strike at any time. And since one cannot predict their occurrence, the best way to mitigate their impact is to get prepared at all times. However, preparing for emergencies come with some tactical survival gear.

Survival is not limited to emergencies alone. Surviving in the jungle is another aspect of the preparation. Camping enthusiasts and outdoor lovers understand what preparedness and planning for an adventure means.

Whether preparing for emergencies or going on an adventure – both activities need survival tactics – you must be adequately prepared for the unexpected. Disasters do not ring a bell before they strike 

Buying a well-designed, adequately curated survival subscription box is the best way to prepare for any unexpected danger. This way, you can prepare to survive any situation you find yourself in and also be able to defend those around you.

This article will focus on the best survival subscription box you can rely on when danger knocks. Here are some excellently picked subscription boxes for your delight.

1. CrateClub 

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When it comes to survival in extreme situations, you need a reliable outdoors subscription box with all the essential items that can come to your rescue. There are better times to start fumbling and testing your gear than emergencies.

Outdoor enthusiasts have described Crate Club as the most badass subscription box on earth! Of course, they have reasons to say so. This is because this box contains all the field-tested gear you need to survive anywhere.

Why pick this box? Industry experts curated this high-quality, tactical survival box because they know what you need to survive in the wilderness.

Full of high-value items to give you more than your money’s worth, Crate Club offers no filler junk, no sissy stuff, and you get the best brand that has made impressions on the market, such as Gerber, Bushnell, CRK, Magpul, and host of others.

Whether you’re a beginner, a regular, or a professional adventurer, there is a subscription box that suits you. From Lieutenant to Captain and Major to General, each box is curated to survive the storm that nature may throw at you.

2. BattlBox

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If you want to face danger confidently, you need something beyond the ordinary. You need to be battle ready! That’s why BattlBox is ideal for those who anticipate untoward situations and ensure they’re not caught unawares.

Survival is not an option; it’s a must. This means you must protect yourself from invading human or animal forces. BattlBox subscription box offers the answers to all your survival strategy worries.

Hand-selected by experts’ insights, BattlBox is filled with essential stuff that helps prepare you for the toughest situations.

Battlbox subscription comes in four different options. Whether you’re a new entrant into the outdoor experience or a professional camper, there’s an excellent option for you. The Basic, Advance, Pro, and Pro Plus are all tailored to meet your unique needs.

3. Normadik

Gear enthusiasts who know the value of a well-curated subscription box in emergencies make this box their companion because it contains the crucial items that come in aid during real-test situations

Normadik is the premier outdoor subscription box for seasoned adventurers. Tested by world-class adventurers, Normadik empowers you to be self-reliant when you face difficult moments in the wild.

You never can tell when natural disasters such as tornadoes, earthquakes, or wildfires can occur, but proper preparation helps you to take control of your life in such emergencies. With Normadik, you can keep cool while engaging in these challenges.

Normadik offers unique bundles with essential items that help you master life-saving strategies for survival in your outdoor experience. With Normadik, exploration is made easier and more fun.

If you want to discover what’s new on the market, Normadik provides the latest gear, with each theme built with purpose and designed for specific adventure activities.

4. Wild Woman

When you know you have the right gear, you’ll be inspired to venture into the great outdoors because you can face whatever life throws at you. That’s the confidence of having Wild Woman as your emergency supply. 

Wild Woman is an inspirational subscription box that inspires the casual wanderer and the ladies to overcome the challenges women go through when they face emergencies.

Because Woman is sensitive to their environment, Wild Woman is excellently curated to cater to Woman’s needs when they step outdoors.

Anyone can face emergencies. Wild Woman offers an amazing subscription that allows women to express themselves. You find body products that will nurture and protect you in your outdoor adventure.

Featuring packages filled with emergency stockpiles for practical self-reliance, Wild Woman allows you to bring out the “wild” in you. For example, consumables and some essential outdoor gear keep you connected to your wild side.

5. Apocabox

When it comes to survival in emergencies, you don’t want to leave your destiny to chance. Danger can lurk around from any source. This means you need a survival kit that can help you respond to any situation.

Apocabox is a subscription box tailored with survival instincts in mind. Designed with knowledge of disaster management in mind, it is packed full of survival tools

The Mystery Apocabox contains sufficient tools, kits, gear, and projects that tell the story of a successful adventure experience. Their products are quite different from others because they offer custom-made items according to your preferences

Apocabox is a proud manufacturer of the best survival subscription box on the market. With unique, one-of-a-kind craftsmanship, they are confident that their products can’t be found elsewhere on earth!

Beyond survival, Apocabox offers essential kits that help you in mastering skills. The Apocabox survival skills project is on hand with all the professionally selected items for those who want to learn survival skills.


Survival subscription boxes prepare you for unexpected situations, such as emergencies. Preparedness empowers you to be confident, resilient, and capable of responding effectively during emergencies

You can withstand any emergency with careful planning, diligence, and the appropriate gear. These subscription boxes will enable you to overcome challenges posed by natural causes or any danger around you and give you peace of mind whenever you go on any adventure.

Hundreds of subscription boxes are on the market, but very few will pass the test of “survival” boxes. These have been painstakingly selected as trusted brands that are sure to impress you.

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