Are you a Magento store owner? If yes, you might definitely be aware of the customizability quotient of this platform. You have the choice to integrate some of the most powerful extensions for improving the functionality of your store. 

For instance, you can integrate a responsive payment gateway, one-stop checkout, and other such extensions, which you need on priority for advancing the store operations. But for you to know, the Magento extension store is also filled with some other options that might be low-key but are equally important for you to improve the store functions. 

In this article, you will get a clear insight into some of the unexplored Magento 2 extensions that might add a unique experience for your customers and make it easy for you to manage the store. So, read along this article till the end to scale your knowledge of Magento’s customization capabilities with some unique extensions. 

What are Some of the Unique Magento 2 Extensions for You to Count On?

If you want to add a taste of uniqueness to your Magento store, it is important for you to find different ways to customize and scale its functionality. As you have already integrated all the important Magento 2 modules, what next? 

Well, there are some extensions that aren’t much in the limelight but are unique and highly functional when added to your store functions. So, if you want to add more convenience and user-friendliness to your Magento store, explore the list of unexplored and unique extensions listed below:

1. Advanced Reports

The Advanced Reports for Magento 2 extension is one of the most underrated modules for the platform. As you know, every store owner will need analytical tools at some point of time in their business. So, why shouldn’t you get it right from the beginning? 

With the use of the Advanced Reports extension, you will gain access to various dynamic reports based on orders, customer data and products. Not only that, but you will have a unified dashboard that you can customize based on your business necessities. 

The reports will be presented visually in the form of a data table and graph, which will further help you track the progression and performance of your business over time. In case you observe any negative pattern in terms of demand or sales, you can take instant action. 

2. Shipping Price Per Product

The next one is the list of Magento 2 modules that are unexplored yet effective is the Product Wise Shipping extension. By integrating it into your store, you will be able to set a completely new shipping method for the store. 

With the use of this feature, you can now add a separate or unique shipping price for each product that you sell in the store based on your specific rules or requirements. If you can use it right, be assured this extension can be one of the most valuable ones to count on. 

Your admin official will have complete access to set an individual shipping cost for each product separately. Not only that, but using this extension, you will also be able to restrict the shipping options for specific countries. 

3. Lazy Loader

The Blur Image Lazy Loader extension for Magento 2, as the name suggests, is responsible for blurring the media content on the product or home page until the site visitors scroll to that part of the page. 

It means that if you have a lot of product or feature-related images on a web page, letting them all load at once will slow down the loading speed, and the customer experience will deteriorate. Therefore, the best way to avoid this is by using the lazy loaded extension. 

Upon integrating this module, you can expect the loading time to improve by around 70%, which will add an exceptional performance quotient to your store. Responsive sites with faster loading often lead to higher conversions. 

4. Infinite Scroll

Among the most unexplored extensions, one stands the infinite scroll, which might not be among the first priorities for you. Upon integrating the Infinite Scroll Magento 2 extension, you will be able to add endless scrolling features to your product category pages. 

It means that every time a customer lands on a specific category page and reaches the end of the page, products on the next page get loaded automatically. Thus, the customer can continue scrolling to explore more products without the need to click on ‘Page 2’ or beyond. 

For some store owners, this extension might not be an ideal option, especially if they want to give out some product category-related information at the end of the page. So, depending on what your preferences are, Infinite Scroll can be a worth-trying Magento extension. 

5. Image Flipper

To add a better experience quotient for your customers on the Magento store, you can try working things out with the product images. Adding multiple pictures with views from different angles might not be sufficient for the same. 

You can consider integrating the Magento Image Flipper extension, which will allow the customers to attain a quick view of the alternate view right when they hover their mouse over the existing image, with a flipping transition. 

There is a liberty for you to change the slide efects over your product listing with list or grid mode. It might not be anything extraordinary, but these small elements do impact the overall UX of the website. 

Parting Words

These are the five unique types of Magento 2 modules that have made their way into the platform’s scope of customization. You might have already added the best of extensions to make your store highly functional. But, if you intend to enhance the uniqueness aspects of your store in the crowd of competitors, do prefer some or all of these options listed above. 

If you need something beyond what’s available in the Magento extension store, you just have to connect with a team of professionals and let them develop a custom module for you right away. As extensions are meant to empower Magento’s eCommerce proficiency, it’s time to leverage it to the maximum potential. 


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