In the competitive world of social media, where people skim through their feeds and scroll content without any focus, capturing attention is crucial. Instagram is an evolving platform filled with audiences of various demographics, interests, and preferences. The Instagram grid is the most overlooked Instagram element, but it has the power to capture attention, encourage people to stop scrolling, and even steal hearts. The visually stunning aesthetic grid with the right combination of colors, elements, style, layout, fonts, etc., captivates your audience, communicates your message, and leaves a long-lasting impression. Whether you are a creator, brand, or an influencer, a flawlessly curated grid is the key to your Instagram success. It not only captivates the audience but also transforms your profile into a visual masterpiece that enchants new followers and drives engagement. In this blog, we will shed light on the Instagram grid, why it matters, and effective strategies to create it to take your profile to the next level. 

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What is Instagram Grid Layout?

Instagram Grid Layout is a strategic and appealing visual arrangement of posts on your Instagram profile. It is a way to showcase your brand’s content and personality in a captivating way to engage the audience and build a strong first impression. It’s like a storyboard that consists of nine square tiles in a 3×3 grid format, each one representing a separate post in an innovative way. Influencers and brands turn a simple grid into a creative layout using patterns like a checkerboard, row-by-row, or the big picture. Each post contributes to the bigger picture and sets a unique narrative that showcases your brand’s identity and style in a balanced and creative way. 

Why Does Instagram Grid Layout Matter?

Your Instagram Profile is the face of your brand, and the grid is your brand’s visual identity, the most important element of your profile. It attracts users and encourages them to stay on the profile for a longer time and explore it. It’s a canvas where your creativity and visual storytelling define your efforts and results. When a user visits your profile for the first time, your Instagram grid is an opportunity to present your brand in the best possible way that can captivate their interest and get your message across. A strategically curated grid helps you deliver your message promptly, communicate with your audience, showcase your brand’s personality, and tell them what you offer. It has the potential to increase Instagram likes and followers to the next level. 

Effective Strategies to Design an Instagram Grid Layout

Instagram grids are your canvas to unleash your creative spirit and create something that is not only out of the box but also resonates with your brand and audience. Check out some practical tips and strategies to create a visually stunning grid layout. 

Stick to a Color Combination

Whether it’s bold and bright colors like red and green or soft and neutral colors like white and gray, it’s crucial to stick to a color combination to make your profile look sophisticated, professional, and aesthetic. Choose a proper color combination that resonates with your brand’s niche and voice. It gives your profile a visual brand identity that people can remember for a long time. A consistent color scheme sets your brand apart from others and helps you stay organized. Also, ensure that the color scheme you choose has a meaning that connects with your brand and its identity. 

Follow a Template

Following a particular template makes your profile look polished and professional. Choose a specific format, template, layout, color scheme, borders, or even a theme, and ensure that your posts adhere to that. For example, if you are a multi-niche influencer, you can try group theme blocks in which a particular row or column is dedicated to a specific type of content, such as travel, lifestyle, fashion, food, etc. 

Create a Checkerboard Effect

The checkerboard effect can be achieved by altering the style of posts, like using different types of color schemes and content. For example, alternating text quotes with photos or complete pictures with close-up shots, etc. It creates a visually appealing, cohesive, and captivating layout that incites interest at first glance. Suppose you are a travel blogger, so alternating between a travel tip and a destination picture is the most appealing checkerboard effect. 

Design Row by Row

Designing row by row allows you to create picture-perfect grids that give your profile a decent and sophisticated look. The process consists of building a sweet-toned grid by picking and arranging pictures in an organized manner to create a consistent narrative or story. For example- if you have a new product launch post, keeping the first and third images black/white and the middle one about your product make it the center of attention, capturing the complete focus of the viewers. 

Diversify your Content

In this dynamic era of Instagram, experimenting with diverse content is essential to stay relevant and outshine others. Adopt a strategy where you alternate the type of pictures to keep the feed fresh and engaging. Remember to maintain some sort of consistency even when you post diverse content. Use a combination of images, reels, videos, UGC content, carousels, infographics, etc., to deliver your content and connect with your audience. 

Experiment with Fonts

6=6As you must have heard, “a picture speaks a thousand words,” but the right font increases its weightage and relevance. There are a variety of fonts you can use according to the type and content of your image for a stylish display. However, it’s essential to strike a proper balance between the image and the font to make it interesting and decent. Fonts not only increase the aesthetics of the image but also evoke feelings and convey messages in a better way. 

Embrace the Border

The simplest element you can use to make your images look elegant and consistent is “Border.” You can use a simple white/black border, dotted border, stylish border, doodles, text-based, or any other type that suits your content and color scheme. It raises the aesthetics of your overall grid and adds a unique personality to it that attracts audiences. 

Turn Posts into Puzzle

Have you seen those big pictures in someone’s Instagram profile that are spread to more than one post or tile? This one is best for a big announcement, an important campaign, or a new product launch. It includes one big, interconnected image parted in the form of a puzzle and posted in the correct order to the feed. Individually, they look illogical, but when viewed as a complete picture, it’s something really creative and engaging. 


Instagram grid is your brand identity that amplifies your brand’s voice and makes it reach your audience. Using a consistent color scheme, creative themes, layout, diverse content, row-by-row style, checkerboard effect, etc., gives your grid an elegant and cohesive look to appeal to users. It’s a canvas where you can experiment with things to get the one that suits your brand image and resonates with your audience. It not only creates a strong brand identity but also brings high engagement and more followers that contribute to the success of your Instagram presence. 


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