Today, with the continuous development of VR and AR, the artificial process is also improving. Artificial technology refers to the emerging of numerical artificial construction of the target through equal numerical methods, and analysis, verification and analysis according to the artificial results. It not only has a wide range of application prospects, but also can bring unprecedented visual impact and immersive feeling to people. At the same time, joining the hotel space through the artificial process to create a unique atmosphere and spiritual experience has become the current trend of the hotel industry.

As an important part of the tourism industry, hotel spatial atmosphere is very important for consumers. Often an unusual, natural atmosphere of the spatial, it will make people leave a deep impression. At this time, we need to do the artificial process well enough to allow consumers to feel the real natural scenery, create a deep impression, and leave an indelible good impression in the hearts of consumers.

Traditionally, people can often see some artificial landscapes in hotels, amusement parks and other entertainment places, but these landscapes often feel unreal due to problems such as production materials and processes, and lack of real natural atmosphere. For this, people began to use artificial banyan trees to create a natural atmosphere. The artificial banyan tree is very similar to the real banyan tree in appearance, and its details are very much in place, the bending of the branches, the lines of the bark, the shape of the leaves, etc., reflect the virtuosity of the artificial. Its color, texture and form are very similar to the true banyan tree, which makes people’s eyes shine at the same time, but also gives people an immersive feeling.

In hotels, artificial banyan trees are widely used in halls, rooms, restaurants and other places. In the restaurant, the artificial banyan tree has become the background for consumers to eat, bringing a warm, natural and relaxed feeling, so that consumers can feel the beautiful atmosphere while eating. In the banquet hall, rest area and other places, the artificial banyan tree can also bring people a fresh and natural space, so that people can relax after exhaustion and feel the charm of natural beauty.

The application of artificial banyan tree can not only create a natural atmosphere, but also bring higher economic benefits. The natural atmosphere created by the artificial banyan tree can attract more people to come and consume, and increase the popularity and reputation of the hotel. At the same time, the flexibility and portability of the artificial banyan tree also makes it easy to transfer to different places, such as hotels, exhibition venues and commercial streets. This brings more business opportunities for the hotel and increases the competitiveness of the enterprise.

The principle of artificial banyan tree is realized through 3D printing. Let’s talk it briefly here. First, through 3D scanners and software, the real banyan tree silhouette is captured and converted into data. Then, build a artificial platform and use VR to convert the data into a completely consistent 3D. Then through 3D printing, etc., it will be printed out and manually made, and finally achieve the effect extremely similar to the true banyan tree.

In short, the appearance of the artificial banyan tree provides a new idea and direction for the natural atmosphere of the hotel. The hotel can choose different artificial banyan trees according to its own place, style and functional areas and other conditions, and use its perfect fidelity and artistic appreciation, so that the hotel becomes a real place with natural atmosphere, bringing consumers unprecedented visual and perceptual experience.

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