There is a huge stigma around wearing hair systems like wigs or toupees across the globe. People humorously pass comments like “Are you wearing a wig?” It gets embarrassing for the wig wearer, and his confidence hits rock bottom. They already are suffering from low self-esteem and depression due to balding or hair loss. However, people have become more receptive to hair systems over the years. They do not want to go for lengthy and painful hair transplant surgeries or harmful medications to get that perfect look. And who does not wish for that fresh, out-of-salon, perfectly styled hair that looks gorgeous? 

Fashion trends are no longer only for one gender. They are unisex and, therefore, a game-changer for everyone. Today, men are ready to experiment with their looks with colors, styling techniques, or non-surgical hair replacement systems

A Toupee is a great alternative!

When men struggle with hair loss, premature balding, alopecia, receding hairline, or any such hair problems, they prefer non-surgical hair replacement systems, also known as a toupee. It is a small hairpiece or wig made out of synthetic or human hair, specially made to cover the affected portion of the head. It is essential to position them correctly to blend well with natural hair for a flawless look. It also transforms the flat, dull-looking hair into voluminous hair, making the men look handsome and ready to steal the day.

These hair systems for men are made of French or Swiss lace that is not only thin but also durable. This makes the wig breathable and convenient for men who are using it for the first time. 

Clean after use

Just like natural hair, regular care and maintenance are essential for the longevity of the toupee for men. While this hair system offers comfort, it is advisable to wash it frequently to keep it away from dirt for its best performance. The specialists recommend using good-quality shampoo and conditioner to maintain the wig’s freshness. 

Another important tip is to air dry the hair system. Experienced toupee users swear by air drying their hair up to 80% and then using hair dryers. Doing so not only dries the hair faster but also decreases the damage caused by heat. Leave-in conditioners also work well for hair systems.

Say no to overwashing

Wearing hair systems is a brand-new concept for many. This can lead to a lot of mistakes, which is expected. For instance, washing the toupee more than required. Keeping track of its washing routine and limiting it to once a week is necessary. Also, the washing should depend upon the frequency of its usage. If not used at all, it should not be washed. 

While it is understandable to cleanse the hair before wearing it or styling it, washing it too often can damage the strands’ elasticity. 

Styling and protection products 

Do not shy away from using styling products like heat, oil, or spray after the toupee is dry and ready to use. It can get confusing to know what kind of hair styling products one can use for a toupee. 

Be careful before choosing gels and sprays for the hair system, as the wrong products can deteriorate it, causing irreparable damage to its fibres. Read the instructions carefully on the hair system’s package about the kind of products that can be used for styling. It is generally advisable to use alcohol-free products to keep the toupee away from dryness and damage. The products must keep the toupee fixed for a very long time.

Get a new look with hair color

In an age when looks matter a lot, people wish to make efforts and investments to alleviate their appearance. A fresh hair color that suits their skin tone makes their day. They become more confident and ready to take up life challenges with new zeal. With changing times, today’s man is climbing the bandwagon of experimenting with their hair color. Choosing a colored toupee or coloring it is definitely a convenient solution. It does not affect the natural color and keeps it away from damage from artificial colors, bleaches, and other products. It gets easier to go brave with the colors and dye it back if it does not suit the person’s taste. 

With the hair system in place, men can flaunt their new look, go anywhere, and do absolutely anything. Is it okay to wear it to the gym? Go ahead and do all exercises without worrying about the toupee falling off. Need to look handsome and clean for date night? The toupee will get you covered (literally!). 

Are you thinking of buying a toupee? You have certainly come to the right place. You can book a consultation with  Superhairpieces based on availability and in the comfort of your home. Talk to the experts about your problem areas, and explain your needs. They will take you through all the solutions that solve your problem. Also, they will help you understand how to install the hair system and provide you with resources that can help maintain and take care of the hair system. Reach out to them with your queries via mail, call, or live chat, and end your hair worries today!

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