Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the jewel of the Adriatic Sea: Dubrovnik! With its enchanting medieval charm and stunning seaside allure, this is a place that beckons travelers from around the globe. 

But before you pack your bags and set off to wander its ancient alleyways, there’s a trove of things to keep in mind before going to Dubrovnik, and tips to consider for a seamless adventure. 

In this blog post, we’ll navigate through all of the essentials you need while recommending the best things to do in Dubrovnik. Join us as we unravel the must-knows before visiting Dubrovnik to ensure that your trip is as magical as the city itself.

Payment Options While on Holiday in Dubrovnik

One of the main things to keep in mind before going to Dubrovnik is to carry some cash. Although cards like Visa or Mastercard are broadly accepted in Dubrovnik, this will save you during emergency situations. 

American Express is often welcomed at more tourist-centered locations like cable car stations and the city walls but don’t count on it for most dining and grocery shopping. This is a common trend across Europe, so having an alternative payment method is prudent.

American travelers should verify whether their cards support contactless payment. You may encounter instances where your chip card fails, and without the tap-to-pay feature, you could find yourself in a bind. It’s best to ensure your card is tap-ready prior to departure.

Top hotels and the best hostels in Dubrovnik will definitely have both payment options so you need not worry about them but just for your own peace of mind, carrying cash can save you some hassle.  

Also, Kunas are universally accepted, and there’s no shortage of ATMs. This provides you a convenient backup for any card troubles.

Cost Considerations During Your Dubrovnik Stay

Dubrovnik tends to be pricier compared to other Croatian locales, to the point where it’s often cost-prohibitive for many locals. The city seems to cater more to a well-heeled tourist demographic, with dining and attractions that may stretch the budget of a frugal traveler.

Some other things to keep in mind before going to Dubrovnik is that accommodation costs are higher here than in other parts of Croatia. But, they may seem reasonable when compared to prices in the U.S. and Western Europe. To give you an idea:

  • Beverages: Expect to spend around $6 USD for a beer pint or a glass of wine in the old town.
  • Transport: Uber rides are affordable, costing about $5 USD for a short trip. Taxis have fixed rates for common routes from the old town.
  • Groceries: Prices are quite fair, which is handy for as long as you stay and visit local shops.
  • Dining Out: For a decent dinner for two with drinks at a slightly upscale place, anticipate spending near $100 USD. Always make sure to look at the menu prices first.

Tipping Etiquette in Dubrovnik

While tipping is customary at eateries, it’s not obligatory. A tip of 5-15% is standard, depending on the restaurant’s caliber and the service quality. At more casual bars or cafes, simply rounding up the bill or tipping up to 5% is considered generous.

Secure your lodging and dining spots early

Venturing into Dubrovnik without prior hotel and restaurant bookings during peak travel times can lead to unwelcome surprises. The city’s allure often leads to a quick fill-up of its sought-after accommodations.

Some other things to keep in mind before going to Dubrovnik – For dining experiences, especially at popular eateries, securing a table ahead of time is crucial to ensure you don’t miss out. Reserve your spot days in advance.

Especially if you are planning for an exclusive dinner at the renowned Michelin-starred 360° restaurant, you might want to aim to book at least a month prior.

How can you get to Dubrovnik? 

Location and Proximity:

Before visiting Dubrovnik, you should know that it is located on the Adriatic’s eastern edge, right between central Italy to the west and Bosnia and Herzegovina to the east.

For those considering traveling to Dubrovnik, it’s geographically located for easy day trips to neighboring countries. Similarly, Montenegro’s border is just an hour’s drive south.

Dubrovnik Travel Guide for Arrival by Air:

When you’re visiting Dubrovnik, flying is a straightforward option with routes adjusting post-pandemic; summer direct flights are available from Philadelphia and Newark.

Dubrovnik’s Access by Car:

Traveling to Dubrovnik by car involves a quirky geographical note: crossing through a non-EU nation, Bosnia and Herzegovina, due to Croatia’s split territory. However, bilateral agreements ease the transit.

Insights on Rail Travel to Dubrovnik:

One of the most important things to keep in mind before going to Dubrovnik is that visiting Dubrovnik by train isn’t feasible. Hence, travelers should consider alternate modes of transportation.

Recommendations for Day Trips:

In your Dubrovnik travel guide, include the popular things to do in Dubrovnik, such as exploring nearby countries through accessible and convenient day trips.

Some Extra Tips You Might Want To Know While In Dubrovnik 

1. Visit Dubrovnik Attractions Post-Afternoon

Tourists from the cruise ships tend to disperse by late afternoon, offering a more serene sightseeing experience. It is better to spend the brighter hours in less congested areas or exploring neighboring Balkan states. Dubrovnik weather is also the best during this time. 

2. Skip the Peak Tourist Season

To dodge the throngs and high prices, it is recommended to plan a trip outside the peak season, which spans from June to August. This is one of the best things to keep in mind before going to Dubrovnik. 

3. Explore Lesser-Known Streets

For a quieter, potentially less expensive evening, veer off the main pathways. You are bound to find solace and more reasonable prices in a secluded bar away from the central bustle.

4. Be Prepared for Steps

You might be taken aback by the numerous steep steps around Dubrovnik, especially when lodging in Dubrovnik’s hostels. You should thoroughly research the best hostels in Dubrovnik and the surrounding terrain to avoid unexpected climbs.

5. Opt for the Airport Shuttle

To get from Dubrovnik Airport to the Old Town affordably, we suggest you take the shuttle service over costly taxis. It’s a budget-friendly solution that doesn’t require you to sacrifice convenience.

6. Consider Renting an Apartment

Lastly, we propose booking an apartment or Dubrovnik hostels as cost-effective alternatives to hotels. This type of self-catering can significantly cut out expenses. This will allow you to have a budget-friendly stay in this otherwise pricey city.


Wrapping up, your trip to Dubrovnik will surely be a memorable adventure if you keep in remember all these things to keep in mind before going to Dubrovnik. 

Make sure you know the city’s cash-and-card culture and consider budgeting for its premium offerings. Understanding payment preferences and tipping etiquette will smooth your path as you explore this Adriatic gem.

Be sure to pack smart and plan ahead. This way you will be to be captivated by the stunning vistas and vibrant life of Dubrovnik. 

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