Due to the rapid increase in technology, criminals are more active in using various sophisticated techniques to perform various illegal activities. They use fake IDs and forged documents to access companies for illegal means. The ratio of cybercrimes is increasing day by day. As per the report, 16 thousand incidents of cybercrimes were reported between November 2021 and October 2022. Companies require a digital solution to identify clients before having them on board, Biometric face recognition service provides a reliable automatic solution to overcome prevailing fraud. It helps organizations to identify spoofing attacks and make firms secure from further complexities. This blog post will explore the use of biometric face recognition services in various industries regarding identity verification.

Use Cases Of Biometric Face Recognition Service

Many companies use identity verification solutions to overcome prevailing fraud attempts. As per the report, global market revenue for identity verification has been forecasted to reach 18 billion U. S. dollars for the year 2017-2027. Following are the major use cases of Biometric face recognition service;

  1. Law Enforcement

The process of face recognition service serves law enforcement agencies, it enables police departments to get suspects’  mugshots and compare them to federal and state databases. It enables law agencies to verify suspected entities by taking their images and real-time face verifications.   Facial recognition services also enable law enforcement to recognize individuals in CCTV footage. Robust technology used in face scanners helps to identify entities within the footage and helps organizations catch criminals. Additionally, law agencies are notified of missing entities identified by technology anywhere if their mugshots are saved in electronic databases. Pre-trained algorithms process the whole verification and identification procedures automatically.

  1. Airports and Border Control

Facial recognition helps airports to identify traveler entities with instant verification methods. Face recognition deep learning methods eliminate lengthy manual verification processes and provide automated identity verification services. Travelers do not need to stand in long queues and get verified through quick biometric face recognition service. Many travel agencies have issued biometric passports to bypass lengthy lines at passport checks and get entrance access through E-passport verification gates.

  1. E-Commerce

After the pandemic of COVID-19, businesses have moved toward the digital landscape. Individuals use e-services for selling and buying. Biometric face recognition service helps businesses overcome spoofing attacks, fraudsters, and transactional losses. It enables e-commerce businesses to have protection against fraud attempts. Additionally, automatic AI and ML  technology provides instant verification results.

  1. Banking Operations

Banks and other financial institutions use biometric face recognition services to ensure Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML)  compliance. Governments of every state design AML and KYC regulations to protect organizations from every kind of fraud attack. It enhances baking with safe account opening with authentic clients. Many banks utilize AI face recognition online services to facilitate their clients with digital banking solutions. It helps bank sectors get rid of various prevailing crimes such as data breaches, money laundering, illegal transactions, and financial terrorism.

  1. Healthcare

Hospitals and pharmacies use biometric face authentication techniques to improve workflow and get rid of various frauds. Criminals use various techniques to perform data breaches and hack personal records. Biometric facial recognition solution helps to identify entities at the entrance and make healthcare secure from criminal attacks. Furthermore, many institutes use various applications to monitor meditation. Face recognition service helps health care to have safe entities as their users.

  1. Attendance Monitoring

The automatic face recognition process provides a biometric solution for attendance monitoring. Some workplaces use face recognition services to monitor employees’ attendance and track it in real-time. This technology helps education sectors to stop students from using fake accounts and proxies on behalf of others.

  1. Real Estate Businesses

Many real estate business firms use face recognition services to monitor their clients’ identities. It enables them to have prevention against fraudsters who use deep fakes and spoofed images. Many stakeholders suffer heavy losses for transferring heavy amounts for buying and selling properties. Face verification services help real estate businesses to have remote business relationships with authentic clients. The cutting-edge technology used in face scanners identifies minor variations that cannot be seen by the human eye.

Final Words

Biometric face verification is the best solution to overcome prevailing fraud. It mitigates the risk of identity theft, spoofing attacks, deep fakes, and identity theft with legitimate clients onboard. Many industries are using face recognition services for security and enhanced business processing. It is most commonly used in health care, banking, E-commerce, educational sectors, and travel agencies to have real-time and automatic identity verification services. Biometric solutions enable organizations to have enhanced regulatory compliance and protect themselves from every possible future complexity. Additionally, robust mechanisms of AI and ML technology enable firms to cope with this digital era of technological advancement. The automatic solutions of ID verification save time and enhance business scalability.





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