Staff management is always overwhelming for any company, whether large or small. It is when management must take cognisance of a proven staff tracking software. Such software assists businesses in operating with ease and more efficiency. It is instrumental in collecting information on deploying real-time human resources and other related organisational data.  

What is Staff Tracking Software?

An efficient staff tracking software projects actionable insights into the routine activities of team members of an enterprise, irrespective of geographical barriers. Today, foolproof staff management operates virtually (remotely) and relies on comprehensive analytics to gauge employee work behavioural patterns to ascertain productivity trends, performances and engagement. These devices accurately differentiate between productivity and idle hours. Besides, these tools also effectively distinguish between complete and incomplete work hours. 

Top Staff Tracking Software Used By Companies Around the World

The following is an overview of the top eight reliable staff-tracking software solutions that underline what each application is all about:

1. ProHance

In the present business scenario, companies require modern solutions that are technologically viable. Today’s company owners and managers know that the global market’s future will hold the same with the emergence of remote work and hybrid working environments.

It is a no-brainer to predict that the staff management system will take centre stage with the implementation of employee tracking software. It will be a proven tool to manage business operations conveniently and hassle-free. 

ProHance is time-tested staff tracking software which helps large companies and SMEs worldwide enhance staff productivity and maximize ROI. This software comprises many features and is flexible, user-friendly and cost-effective. Some of the unique features are as follows:

  • Managers can track the progress of delegated responsibilities of teams on any location and any applicable device.
  • This platform helps to improve staff productivity with a superior interpretation of the prescribed work schedule.
  • The software is most suitable for security purposes with hybrid features. Managers can immediately track distant employees’ movements, whether they are right on the job or off work.
  • This unique system can measure an individual or team’s time on a job and virtually identify the productivity level. As soon as the employee punches in, the work tracking begins immediately. The job evaluation process lasts for the entire operational stint until the employee swipes out. 

2. Connecteam

Connecteam is a useful WFM platform developed as a genuine all-in-one solution. It assists the top business hierarchy in placing their business operations on autopilot. By doing so, they can focus on other critical activities like business growth while leveraging remote team members to be flexible and productive. The features include:

  • A robust and dynamic mobile-first platform that enables improved communication and streamlines day-to-day activities, saving time and boosting productivity.
  • It also integrates virtual employee training modules.
  • Employees can record the quantum of hours spent on the production floor.
  • The managers and team leaders are accessible virtually in real-time.
  • The software’s intuitive design is instrumental in navigating the business processes.
  • The cloud-based aspect enables the managers to monitor the progress from one place.

3. Time Doctor

It is a dedicated cloud-based time tracking and management platform. Time Doctor assists with monitoring staff productivity. Managers can track time and manage payrolls. Here are the notable features:

  • Users and stakeholders can record the time spent on their projects.
  • They can calculate billable and non-billable working hours.
  • They can also track the time spent on meetings and internet usage.
  • This software can also generate weekly and monthly employee pay slips.

4. Spiff

Spiff is a virtual staff tracking software that mainly calculates sales commissions. It can motivate employees by maximising sales team engagement and thereby expedite business growth. The following are some critical attributes:

  • It eliminates tedious manual processes of commission calculation by automating the entire process.
  • There is no need to update or edit complex spreadsheets.
  • It also optimises visibility and transparency in the commission plans and converts sales data into actionable insights.
  • Providing real-time insight helps managers and remote teams access and measure compensation trends and patterns across the organisational realm.
  • Spiff does not need unique connections for decryption. It directly enters the business CRM or payment processors, substantially minimising workload and increasing operational accuracy.

5. FocusRO

FocusRO is a distinct staff management system that allows digital businesses to raise staff and employee productivity and improve time tracking with the help of fully automated and hassle-free monitoring. It also provides real-time feedback. The salient features are as follows:

  • Idle time tracking
  • Screenshot monitoring and blur settings
  • Focus circle
  • Focus timeline
  • Break time logging
  • Teams vs. tasks comparing
  • Meeting time logging
  • Projects and work shifts monitoring
  • Email alerts for idle time
  • CSV/XLS time log documentation
  • In & Out time report
  • Heat Map Chart preparation for productivity monitoring
  • Response to clients

6. Desk Time

The Desk Time mobile application gives businesses ideal insight into what remote team members are doing at their computers and whether they have turned on their mobile timers. Virtual teams can activate their mobile timer in the respective app to indicate that they are away from workstations, like meeting with clients or visiting shop floors. It increases employee efficiency by 30%. Fully automated time tracking is integral in this unique staff tracking software. The features mainly consist of:

  • Performance evaluation
  • Time tracking
  • Reports generation
  • Employee scheduling
  • Screenshots
  • Integrations & API
  • User dashboard

7. ControlUp

ControlUp has marked its presence as one of the most prominent desktop solutions in 2024 with a usage rate of 30%, showing a substantial rise from its 10% usage rate three years back. It possesses the tools to resolve spot-on issues and close tickets automatically and is entirely budget-friendly in the IT landscape. The exclusive features include:

  • DEX Fabric (Digital Employee Experience): The ControlUp DEX fabric offers extensive monitoring capabilities across any digital business infrastructure for in-house and remote teams. It equips automation, remediation and proactive synthetic testing.
  • Virtual Desktops: Company managers and their teams can view their EUC environments. Also, the team leaders can collect staff metrics in real time to troubleshoot and resolve issues.
  • Physical Desktops: The software provides cloud-based monitoring of physical systems and sets up preventive measures to avoid costly failures by detecting and automating fixes.
  • MS Teams & Zoom: With the help of these platforms, ControlUp tracks and improves the experience of unified communication tools to mitigate the loss of productivity.

8. Workday

It is a cloud-based staff management system for remote human capital management and payroll. Besides, Workday also assists with budget estimation and corresponding visualisation based on predictive analysis. Other key features include:

  • Access to payroll data, absence management and compensation management
  • Flexible payment environment for employees
  • Integration of elements such as talent management, which comprises multiple tools to enhance staff management, welfare (Reward and recognition) and development.
  • Provision of resource onboarding, performance management and goal management for managers, HR and team members.


The significant increase in employee efficiency can enhance the potency of any business entity. These exclusive employee tracking platforms successfully keep track of entire tasks assigned for a given timeframe, ensuring timely delivery. Besides, they also manage workloads by evenly distributing jobs across dedicated teams. As a result, employers discover a positive sign regarding staff productivity and business revenue.

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