In today’s competitive e-commerce world you need to use advanced tools and technology in a smart way to set yourself apart from others. These effective tools will successfully increase sales by a large amount. Magento 2 is a powerful e-commerce platform that is known for being flexible and scalable. 

It is one example of a tool that has profoundly changed how online businesses work. Webiators Technologies offers a group of Magento 2 extensions created to make your business run better and help it grow at an unmatched rate. The goal of these extensions is to help you make more sales online than ever before.

Important Magento 2 Extensions by Webiators to 10X Your Online Sales

#1 Magento 2 Google Translate Extension 

Customers from all over the world might not be able to get to your online store because of language barriers. This problem can be solved with this Magento 2 Google translate extension. The Google Translate plugin for Magento 2 has made it so that language no longer stops people from buying. With this plugin, Google Translate can be easily added to your Magento 2 store. 

With this add-on, users can easily translate words into their preferred language. Many clients from all over the world will be interested in working with you if you can get past language obstacles. This will greatly increase the number of people who could buy from you, which will increase sales.

#2 Magento 2 Promotion Bar Plugin 

Converting users into buyers requires grabbing their attention and tempting them with tempting deals. The Magento 2 Promotion Bar Extension helps with both of these tasks. You can make interesting promotional bars that draw attention to different discounts, special offers, and ongoing promotions by using this extension.

With this addition, your promotional messages will be shown in a clear way, which will encourage people to buy and increase sales. This plugin makes your promotional messages stand out, whether they’re about free shipping, savings that are only good for a short time, or special deals. You can even change your promotion bars whenever you need. 

#3 Assign Guest Order to Customer in Magento 2

It’s important to turn guest customers into registered users so that you can build relationships with them that last and encourage them to be loyal. The Assign Guest Order to Customer extension for Magento 2 makes this process easy. It lets guest orders be automatically assigned to either existing or new customer accounts during the checkout process. 

If you ask guest customers to create accounts, you can get useful information about them, make the shopping experience more personalized, and use targeted marketing strategies. This Magento 2 assign guest order to customer plugin will help you get people to buy from you again and again, which will increase your sales potential.

#4 Magento 2 Cancel Order By Customer

You can cancel an order by the customer in Magento 2. Streamlining the order management process is important for giving great customer service and keeping customers happy. As an extension for Magento 2 cancel order by Customer makes it easy and handy for customers to cancel their orders from their account dashboard. 

When you give your customers this simple self-service choice, you can make their experience better overall. You can also give your support staff less work to do, so they can focus on more important tasks. Customers who are happy are more likely to come back, which makes them more loyal and brings in more sales.

#5 Auto-Invoice Extension for Magento 2

It is important to have good billing so that deals go smoothly and payments are made on time. The Magento 2 Auto Invoice extension will make invoices for you as soon as orders are put or shipments are sent. With this amazing extension, making bills with Magento 2 will be done automatically. 

Eliminating the need to do invoices by hand could save time, cut down on mistakes, and make things run more smoothly overall. The customer has a better experience overall, and they trust your business more because of this faster billing process. This builds trust, which leads to more sales and repeat business.

#6 Magento 2 Sticky Add to Cart Plugin

It’s important to make it easy for customers to add things to their shopping carts so that there is less friction during the buying process and more customers actually make a purchase. The extension for Magento 2 makes shopping better for customers by adding a “Add to Cart” button that stays visible as users scroll through product pages. 

This useful feature makes sure that the button to add items to the shopping basket is always close at hand. This makes people more likely to buy things on the spot, which 10X the sales for your online store.  

#7 Magento 2 SEO Product Alt Text Extension

It is very important to make sure that your product pictures are search engine optimized so that people can find your online store naturally. When you add the Magento 2 Product Alt Text for SEO extension, it will be easy to add alt text to product pictures. 

This plugin will make sure that search engines can find the images properly. If you optimize your product photos for search engine optimization, your store may move up in the search engine rankings, get more qualified traffic, and finally make more sales.

#8 WhatsApp Extension for Magento 2

Using the power of messaging apps to get in touch with customers could greatly speed up sales and get customers more involved. With this WhatsApp extension for magento 2, customers can use WhatsApp to start conversations and questions with your business. 

It is possible because the extension adds WhatsApp’s chat features straight to your store. By giving customers a way to talk to you that is both simple and comfortable. You can address their questions and concerns, give them personalized help, and eventually boost conversions.

#9 Get a Quote Extension for Magento 2

It is very important for companies that offer customizable goods or services to give accurate quotes so they can close deals and meet customer needs. This is what the Magento 2 Quote Extension is meant to do. 

When customers use this plugin, they can get quotes right from your store for goods or services that need to be customized. It will be easier for people to ask for a quote, which will help you get more leads, turn questions into sales, and meet the specific needs of each customer. All of these things will help you make more money.

#10 Magento 2 Multi Chat on WhatsApp Plugin

In today’s digital world, it’s important to offer a lot of ways to communicate with customers so you can meet their needs and give them great service. One way to talk to people is through this Multi-Chat on WhatsApp plugin. 

With this extension, you can help more customers as it lets multiple agents handle WhatsApp talks at the same time. It lets your staff handle more requests, respond more quickly, and give better customer service, which leads to happier customers and more sales in the long run.


In conclusion, Webiators’ Magento 2 extensions offer a wide range of tools and features that are meant to make your online product sales more successful. You can use these apps to give your e-commerce business the basic features it needs to experience huge sales growth and reach new heights. 

Some of these extensions by Webiators Technologies can help with language hurdles, making the buying process easier, improving SEO, and getting in touch with customers more quickly. By using the powerful Magento 2 addons made by Webiators, you can help your store reach its full success potential.

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