You must place a lamp in the room’s right-hand corner. We have consulted expert interior designers who know firsthand how important it is to put things where they belong. If you’ve just bought a floor lamp shade for your bedroom and are looking to make it look its best, we have some recommendations for the best ones. 

We can guarantee you that you will absolutely love it. Find a spot on the bedroom floor for the floor lamp first. Then, call expert electricians who will help you install your new fashionable lamp on your bedroom floor. 

Top Ideas for Placing a Floor Lamp Shade in Your Bedroom

Put the floor lamps where you want people to look; that’s where the focus should be. Your options for where to place it are as follows:

  • You may make your bedroom feel more inviting and give yourself enough light to read in bed by placing a lamp in the corner near the bed. That is the best spot to install a floor light in your room.
  • Having a floor lamp shade near the dresser might give you more light when you’re getting ready in the morning or at night. A small floor light placed at the vanity is a lovely option to think about if you have one.
  • Both during the day and at night, it will let in more natural light and create a comfortable reading light. A floor light placed close to the window might serve dual purposes. 
  • Lay a modern floor lamp in the room’s far corner. It will let soft light fill the area and create an atmosphere that’s both welcoming and tranquil. On top of that, it will shed light on the frequently shadowed corner portion.
  • Evenings are perfect for reading or relaxing, and a lamp placed near a chair or other piece of furniture can provide extra light. If you want to read books while sitting on the sofa, the best place to put the lamp is next to it. 
  • A lamp placed in the room’s center can serve dual purposes: drawing attention to itself and lighting up the space. If you put the lamp in the room’s exact center, it will serve to both highlight the room’s focal point and turn the lamp itself into an attention-getter.

What is the Best Color for Your Bedroom Floor Lamp Shade

Picking out a floor lamp shade in the perfect color for a bedroom is a great way to set the mood and complement the furniture. Not only should the lamp provide sufficient light for reading or relaxing, but its hue should also harmonize with the current color scheme and style. To assist you in selecting the ideal shade for your bedroom, we have included the following guidelines:

  • Choose to Complement or Contrast

Think about how you’d like the lamp to complement the room’s current color scheme or make a bold statement. You can achieve a more unified aesthetic by having the lamp’s shade coordinate with the walls or furnishings. Alternatively, you can inject personality and visual appeal by going with a contrasting shade.

  • Experiment with Neutral Tones

A beige, gray, or white floor lamp is an example of a neutral tone that is adaptable and may complement a wide variety of interior design schemes. In terms of style, they are classic and understated, making them suitable for both contemporary and classic bedroom decor. Additionally, by using neutral tones, you can make the room seem larger while simultaneously establishing an air of tranquility.

  • Modernize with Metal Tones

Bedrooms with metal finishes, such as brushed nickel, brass, and bronze, exude an air of refined elegance. These finishes can work with a wide range of color palettes and design styles, from modern to industrial. Before settling on a metal finish, take stock of the room’s current hardware and fixtures to make sure everything flows together.

  • Natural Appeal with Wooden Accents

Wooden lamps are perfect for making a bedroom feel more inviting and comfortable because of the natural texture and warmth they provide. Oak and maple, with their light wood tones, give off a Scandinavian atmosphere, while walnut and mahogany, with their darker tones, give off a more traditional and rustic vibe.

  • Try Some Interesting Colors 

Consider a gold floor lamp in a striking or vivid shade if you want to inject some color into your bedroom. A bright lamp, such as a modern red lamp or a coastal-inspired turquoise lamp, can be the room’s focal point and an expression of personality. 

  • Think about Lighting Effects

The color of modern floor lamps might affect the light they give out. Lampshades with lighter hues or those made of translucent materials let more light filter through, making the room feel lighter and brighter. A more subdued and moody light can be achieved by using opaque materials or darker lampshades.


Choosing a lampshade for your bedroom is an opportunity to express your sense of style while also elevating the room’s ambiance. With the perfect lamp, you can elevate the look and feel of your bedroom while also improving its practicality.

If you’re still looking for a spot in your bedroom for a floor lamp shade, we hope these options work for you. Not only that but there are additional places you can put it. If you have any more suggestions for bedroom lamps, please share them.

And don’t worry, we can also give you the best ideas for placing floor lamps for the living room. You can read our other blogs and get amazing ideas to experiment with your lamps and lampshades. 

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