Due to raising concerns regarding the quality of regular water, most people have started looking for the safest options that they can use for both themselves and their pets.

There are multiple types of water available, with each one having its own benefits and drawbacks. Figuring out which type of will be suitable for you is easy, but when it comes to your lovely pet, choosing the best type of water will be difficult. Since you will not know whether your pet is feeling good or not after consuming water.

So, the only way to get out of this hurdle and pick the right one is to get yourself familiar with different types of water. So that you can decide which one can be good for your pet.

Types of Water That Can Be Suitable for Your Pet

Below, I have discussed some of the most suitable waters along with benefits and drawbacks.

1.      Tap water:

We are all aware of this water type. It is water that comes from local water authorities into our homes and is the most commonly used water throughout the globe.


There are numerous benefits of selecting tap water for your pet.


Since tap water is easily available in most households worldwide, this makes it quite easier for you to provide fresh tap water to your lovely pet at any time.

Less expensive:

Tap water is highly cost-effective as compared to other waters, especially bottled water. So it will not become a burden on your pocket.

Rich of nutrients:

This is another benefit of tap water. It is said medical experts that tap or regular water is full of essential minerals that can greatly contribute to improving the overall health of your pet.

So, these are some of the benefits of giving tap water to the pet. Now, let’s understand the drawbacks as well.


There are multiple downsides of tap water that are discussed below in detail.

High concern about contaminants:

Along with good minerals, tap water often contains toxic contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, chemicals, heavy metals, sediment, and many more. Consuming water that is polluted with these impurities regularly can pose serious health threats to pet’s health.

Variation in quality:

Since tap water usually comes from local water authorities, its overall quality may vary from area to area.

And let me tell you one more thing: some regions or areas may have high levels of water contamination; if the local water authorities are not making enough effort to treat it efficiently, then the quality of that tap water will be poor, which can pose serious health threats to your pet’s health.

2.      Filtered water:

As the name indicates, this is another type of water that you can consider for your lovely. Filtered water is normal tap water that is specially treated with the help of a water filtration system to make it completely safe and clean.

There are a number types of water filtration systems available. Some of the most popular ones include reverse osmosis.


Below are some advantages that filtered water can provide to your pet.

Remove impurities:

As we already know, regular or tap water around the globe is usually polluted with hidden toxic impurities that can greatly contribute increased risk of dangerous diseases. But that’s not the case with filtered water.

This is so because, during the filtration process, the water filter eliminates all types of hazardous contaminants from the tap water, providing completely clean, safe, and fresh for your pet which will definitely help in improving overall health.

Consistent quality:

Unlike the quality of tap water, which varies location and region-wise, while filtered water provides consistent water quality in terms of purity and taste.

However, there is only one condition when the filtered water will vary when it is not maintained properly and needs filter replacement.

Health benefits:

When your pet consumes water that is totally free from toxic contaminants, it results in numerous health benefits such as a strong immune system, better digestion, skin, and fur.

These are some of the major benefits of giving filtered water to your pet.


There is only one disadvantage of filtered water, which is discussed below:


For effective filtration, all types of water filters need to be replaced on a regular basis. This will not only add to the overall cost but also require the effort of providing filtered water to the pet.

3.      Bottled water:

Bottled water is another type of water that is packed in plastic bottles and then sold to consumers. It is collected from various sources such as springs, wells, and many more.


Below are the advantages of bottled water.

Maximum convenience and portability:

Bottled water is easily available anywhere in almost every part of the world. Besides this, it can also be carried on the go, this makes it a convenient option for outings and travels.

Safety assurance:

Bottled water usually undergoes strict quality assurance tests, which will provide you with maximum peace of that it is of the highest quality. This means your pet will drink safe and clean water.


There are multiple major disadvantages of bottled water that are as follows:


Regularly using bottled for your pet will be too expensive as compared to both tap and filtered water. Bottled water is expensive because it includes the cost of production, packaging, transportation, government taxes, etc.

Environmental impact:

Water bottles are the major source of plastic pollution right now. According to a report, around 60 million plastic bottles are used and thrown away each day only in America. Now imagine how much the entire world will be generating.

So, choosing bottled for your pet will not be costly but also dangerous for our environment.

So…Which Type of Water Will Be Best For My Pet?

After closely reviewing the major types of water, we have come to the conclusion that filtered water is the water that your lovely should drink. This is so because it is not only free from dangerous impurities but also cost-effective and does not cause any harm to the earth’s environment.

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