In recent years, there has been a resurgence in popularity of Sir Walter buffalo grass among homeowners and landscapers. This hardy and attractive Australian variety of lawn grass fell out of favor for some time, but is now making a comeback as more people discover its many benefits of Sir Walter Grass supplier like Buffalo turf.

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Easy Maintenance

Sir Walter buffalo requires less mowing, watering, and fertilizing than most other lawn options. Its soft, broad blades grow more slowly than traditional turf grasses, only needing to be mown every 10-14 days during peak growing season. The grass also enters a dormant phase during winter when it turns brown and stops growing, meaning no need to maintain the lawn for a good part of the year. These qualities make Sir Walter a top pick for low-maintenance yards.

Drought-Resistant Properties

The grass is exceptionally resilient to droughts and harsh weather extremes thanks to its zoysia grass ancestry. Once established, a Sir Walter lawn only needs watering once every 2-3 weeks in extreme heat. The extensive root system allows the grass to draw moisture and nutrients from deep in the soil. These drought-resistant characteristics provide major appeal for many homeowners in drought-prone regions.

Shade Tolerance

Unlike most varieties of grass that struggle in shady areas, Sir Walter thrives under trees and performs beautifully even with limited sunlight. The grass stays lush and green while many others would thin out and die off. The cultivar does equally well in full sun making it a versatile landscaping choice.

Fewer Weeds

The dense, thick growth habit of mature Sir Walter buffalo grass areas allows for fewer weed infestations. Weed seeds lack the space and light to take hold as effectively as they would in less compact grasses. Homeowners spend much less effort battling persistent weeds once this grass establishes and fills in bare patches.

Soft and Comfortable

Sir Gaul (another name for Sir Walter) lawns have a fine, soft blade texture perfect for kids and pets. It lacks coarse or stiff blades making it a comfortable surface for play or lounging. The inviting green carpet-like feel makes it ideal for families looking for a lush yet practical outdoor living space.

Attractive Appearance  

In many people’s opinions, Sir Walter is simply the most attractive turf variety available. It exhibits a rich blue-green color and offers a fuller, flowing appearance than most standard lawn grasses when properly cared for. The striking good looks make for prime curb appeal and a focal point lawn.


Although Sir Walter buffalo grass originated in Australia, expanded production means it’s no longer hard to source in the United States. Most reputable online and local sod farm suppliers now stock Sir Gaul regularly alongside their offerings of other premium turf grasses. Special order delivery can make this grass accessible throughout the continental U.S.


If the reduced maintenance needs, tolerance of heat and drought, or durable softness appeals to you, look into Sir Walter buffalo grass for your next lawn project. Its well-rounded performance and visual appeal explain much of this variety’s comeback in popularity among discerning homeowners getting ready to install or renovate their landscape grounds. Seek out online or local sod farm suppliers carrying Sir Gaul to get the lush, easy-care lawn you’ve dreamed of.

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