With the rise of ecommerce, it’s easier than ever for Australians to shop for garden lights and outdoor lighting online. The selection is vast and prices very competitive. However, as per experts at Fusion Garden Lighting there are also risks you need to be aware of to ensure you have a good experience and receive quality products suited for Australian conditions. Here are some key precautions to take when you order garden lights online in Australia. 

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Research Reputable Retailers

Make sure you browse lighting options at well-known online stores and marketplaces in Australia. Check reviews, examine return policies, and look for evidence of an Australian business presence. Stay away from websites that seem hastily put together or don’t provide much verifiable information. Reputable retailers stand behind their products and have local customer service to assist you if issues arise.

Verify IP Ratings

Carefully check the IP or ingress protection rating listed for any garden lights you’re considering. The IP code rates resistance to dust and moisture. For example, IP65 means dust won’t interfere with functioning and the lights withstand low pressure water jets. High IP ratings of IP66 or IP67 are ideal for withstanding Australia’s climate. Don’t take claims at face value – look for certification marks as well to confirm ratings from independent testing. 

Make Sure Materials Suit the Climate

Outdoor garden lighting sold online should clearly state what materials are used, especially for the lenses, housing and seals. Look for impact-resistant polycarbonate, aluminum or marine grade stainless steel construction. Make sure finishes and protective treatments are enough to cope with heat, intense sunlight, moisture and other Australian climatic conditions to prevent rapid deterioration. Find out warranties on finishes too.

Evaluate Size and Weight 

Evaluate product images closely and read dimensions and weight specifications carefully. Make sure any freestanding or mounted pathway, spot or flood lights won’t be too large and overpowering for your garden. Weight is also a consideration if you have concerns about fittings staying put in windy conditions. Scaled product photos or size guides can provide helpful visual comparisons.  

Match Voltage Requirements

Mains voltage in Australia is 230-250V, 50Hz AC. Don’t assume garden lighting bought online is made for Aussie electrical systems and weather conditions unless explicitly stated. Transformers to adjust voltage output may be an option. But your best bet is sticking with lighting advertised as compliant for use in Australia to eliminate the voltage issue altogether.  

Compare Prices Thoroughly

Online shopping makes price comparisons easy. Use product features, ratings, brands and other specs as controls to accurately contrast pricing between retailers. Watch for exclusions in lower prices too good to be true offers as well. And don’t forget to factor in shipping expenses in tallying your final checkout costs.

Examine Shipping Origin & Policies 

Make sure you look into both where products ship from and delivery timeframes. Lighting items sent domestically from retailers with Australian warehouses will arrive faster than items shipped from overseas. Find out if taxes and duties may apply for international shipments too. And check if free shipping may take longer with slower mail classes. Knowing clear expectations on shipping prevents unwelcome surprises down the road.  

Determine Your Recourse Options

Before completing any garden lighting purchases online, understand options you have if something goes wrong. Make sure Australian customer service contacts are accessible for assistance. Check return policy terms like who pays for return shipping – you or the retailer. Examine the dispute resolution process as well if you potentially receive a damaged or inaccurate order. It’s also worthwhile seeing if there’s any option to shop in person at a local store affiliated with an online retailer. Knowing recourse options gives you confidence to click buy worry-free.


Take your time and weigh all these factors when browsing for garden lighting online. Follow these tips and you can discover beautiful lighting to enhance your outdoor oasis while avoiding hassles from issues like short circuits from voltage mismatches or lights falling apart in the harsh weather. Carefully shopping by computer or phone is convenient but doesn’t allow you to inspect merchandise in person before purchasing. So do diligent prep work on retailers, product details and purchase protections first. Taking these important precautions means you can shop Australian ecommerce sites for garden lighting with greater peace of mind and assurance.

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