Growing a YouTube Channel is not so easy as many may think of. Here are the 15 best tips to grow a new YouTube channel from scratch:

1. Choose your Niche

The first and the foremost thing that every youtuber should do before starting to create their content is to choose the Niche for their YouTube channel. Try to choose a Niche that you are passionate about and the people will find interest in it. By choosing the appropriate Niche for your channel, you will attract the right group of audience to your YouTube channel.

2. Content quality

When it comes to running a YouTube channel, one of the most crucial factors that every YouTuber must focus on is the quality of their content. Try to post high quality content if you want to grow your channel on YouTube. Some good and advanced equipment along with a great editing software will help you to create really amazing content that will attract a lot of audience.

3. Use Keywords

Keywords are one of the most vital aspects when it comes to growing your YouTube channel. If you want to increase the reach of your YouTube channel then using keywords is a must to do thing. Try to use the relevant keywords in the titles and descriptions of your YouTube videos as it will help you to increase your search ranking on YouTube.

4. Interaction

Interaction is the key to success. If you want to grow your channel on YouTube, you need to interact more with your audience. Interaction with your audience can be done in a number of ways. Try to ask feedbacks from your viewers, reply to their comments and encourage them so that they interact more with your content. Engaging more with your audience will eventually help you to build a strong and loyal organic community for your YouTube channel. Keep trying the latest trends right now many people like to watch YouTube live streams daily. If you have a YouTube channel with a good number of subscribers this is the best method you can use to interact with your audience and keep them connected with your channel. With the help of Paid YouTube Live viewers, you can boost stream viewership as you need so that you can stand out your channel within your fan following.

5. Collaboration

Increasing the overall reach of your channel is not a very easy task as it sounds like. There are several factors that affect the growth of your channel. Collaboration is one of these crucial factors that have a serious effect on the reach of your channel. Try to collaborate with different brands and other YouTubers as it will help you to expose your channel to a wider market which will further increase your opportunities to grow your YouTube channel.

6. Promotion

Content promotion plays a primary role in the growth of your channel on YouTube. Try to promote your content as much as possible as it will help you to enhance the reach of your channel. Share your videos on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all the other top social media platforms. It will not only help you to grow your brand but it will also strengthen it.

7. SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a mechanism that helps to improve or enhance the chances of your videos being discovered on social media platforms like YouTube. SEO optimization can be done in a various ways like using the appropriate hashtags, relevant keywords and writing short but informative video descriptions.

8. Analytics

YouTube has an Analytics tool which helps you to measure your performance as a YouTuber. It gives you access to detailed insights of your channel. You can easily understand the behavior of your audience by looking at these analytics reports. Focus on key aspects like video watch time and demographics as they help you to understand the nature of your audience.

9. Consistency

Consistency plays a major role when it comes to growth and success of a YouTube channel. If you want to see your channel achieve greater heights, you need be consistent with your content. The ideal way to run a YouTube channel is to set a definite schedule and then stick to it. This will help you to be regular and consistent with your YouTube Channel.

10. Thumbnails

Talking about Thumbnails, they are the most important aspects of a YouTube video. As we are all aware of the fact that our first impression is our last impression so if we want to showcase a good impression upon our audience then we need to put more focus on the video thumbnails. Thumbnails are basically the first things that every viewer sees when then browse Youtube. If you really want to gain a lot of views on your YouTube videos, you need to create eye-catching thumbnails for your videos which will easily grab the attention of the viewers.

11. Cross promote

Cross-promote is really an amazing to increase the watch time of your videos on YouTube. Try to provide links to your other YouTube videos or YouTube playlists in the video descriptions. This will help you to easily pro mote your other videos and gain more watch time at the same time.

12. YouTube Communities

Growing your channel on YouTube requires a lot of patience and experience. There are many YouTube communities, you can easily join them and interact with the other Creators. This will give you the opportunity to gain some experience from them which will help you to grow your channel further. Try to join suitable forums and discuss with other people to increase your knowledge about this competitive social platform.

13. Be Patient

If you want to become a great YouTuber, you need to be patient first. You should be aware of the fact that it takes quite some time and lot of efforts to grow a YouTube channel. You need to be patient and persistent with your channel and do not get discouraged easily if you do not get immediate results. 

14. Trends

Try to be always aware of the recent trends that are ruling the YouTube platform. Create content related to those trends as it will help you to attract more audience to your channel.

15. Channel art

Channel art showcases a serious impression on your audience. Try to create amazing and cool banners and logos for your YouTube channel as it will reflect the true nature of your YouTube channel.

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