Polo T-shirts For men: Whether you call it by the name of Polo neck T-shirt or by the name of men’s t-shirts with collar! This polo type of t-shirt cannot be replaced by any other type of t-shirt or even with a shirt and there is no need to make any alternative for the polo t-shirt. A polo T-shirt is enough to give a complete look with its own appearance but, we are not from the generation where fashion and styling were very limited, when no one was using their time and mind in styling while being simple and satisfied with everything they had. In this era of competition, We need to keep ourselves updated, unique, and different regularly. Be it technical field or fashion.

This article will be really helpful for those people who want changes on a regular basis in their clothes. We will discover some of the coolest pairing options in the range of upper and bottom wear separately, to style with your polo t-shirts.  

5 Types of Pairing Options You Should Try

Layering Options to style a polo T-shirt for men

  1. Denim Jackets:

Denim jackets are the coolest pairing option with polo t-shirts. If you have dark-shaded polo t-shirts in your wardrobe pick one of them up and create a layer of denim jacket on it. For the bottom and footwear choose your dark blue jeans and white casual shoes to pair it with. A brown belated watch and your favorite glairs will add more elegance by completing your overall look. 

You can have this look for parties and casual meetings with friends. 

  1. Blazers:

What would you wear when you are going to meet a girl for an arranged marriage? You may be confused about what to wear on a first date so that you can make the best first impression. You should go for a combination of a polo T-shirt and a blazer. 

Take your light-colored fashion polo t-shirt and wear a solid light-colored blazer on it. At the bottom choose chinos to keep the outfit simple and decent to showcase your simply adorable personality. Wear canvas shoes with these and don’t forget to wear your favorite perfume to impress the girls, not only the girl you are going to meet but other girls in the café will also be very impressed by your look.

Coolest Bottom You must try it with a polo T-shirt

  1. Korean Baggy Pants:

Polo T-shirts are versatile and can be styled variously with any type of bottom wear or with any type of layering option. Pairing your polo t-shirts for men with Korean baggy pants would give you the ever coolest look. One size bigger than your original suitable size of a Black Polo T-shirt and a pair of Cream Korean baggy pants will give you the coolest look. You can wear this combination at any night concert or at a beach party to make yourself an attraction point in the crowd by making yourself unique in the crowd. You can wear crocks and a big-sized frame with it to make it more cooler. 

  1. Wide-leg Jeans: 

When you are planning a road trip or trekking trip with your friend and don’t want to look the same as your friends by wearing track pants or trousers. We understand you can’t wear regular fitted jeans as they are not comfortable while travelling. We are here with an alternative that will help to give you a different look keeping you comfortable as well. 

You can choose wide-leg jeans as a comfortable stylish pair of polo t-shirts for men. It will give you a retro feel. You can choose a solid polo t-shirt or a fashion polo t-shirt while pairing wide-leg jeans with it, both polos will create a beautiful blend of classiness and messiness.

  1. Formal Pants:

Are you one of those who have to attend lots of business meetings in the sense of lunch, or dinner? If yes! Then this combination will reduce the tension of wearing those typical business meeting outfits such as suits. Regularly, Wearing suits can be boring. You can create a complete formal appearance to crack your business meeting with the touch of pure professionalism. 

Choose a solid perfectly fitted polo T-shirt and pair it with contrast formal straight-fit pants. Tuck the tee into the pants and accessories of your outfit with a watch, and a pair of loafer shoes. 


A man is responsible for attending a lot of events on regular days from going to the gym to having meetings in the offices, From taking the family to shopping to having fun on trips with friends. A polo t-shirt for men is an essential outfit staple for men’s wardrobe because it is suitable for every event. At Urban Trail, every man will have their type of polo t-shirt from plain to fashionable range. 

We welcome you to discover the excellence and versatility throughout our polo t-shirt collection. You will find a wide range of polo T-shirts for men in a variety of many different shades and patterns.

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