There’s no hard and fast rule for picking the right everyday carry (EDC) item. The components of your EDC gear primarily depend on the nature of your outdoor activities. While a night camper may find a flashlight or lantern incredibly useful, a day traveler wouldn’t require any artificial illuminating gadgets. 

Since people have diverse needs, it’s best to customize your EDC box to reflect your taste and personality. 

However, certain everyday carry items are indispensable to our survival in virtually all circumstances. This article will address the five ways to customize your EDC collection for every situ.

1. Have an EDC Subscription Plan

If you traditionally order EDCs whenever you want to venture outdoors, you may have realized that the deliveries often include items you don’t need at all. 

It’s unrealistic to pay hefty sums for a package of 10 EDC supplies when only half of the items are useful in your scenario. The unnecessary gear would only end up piling up in your home, serving as a stark reminder of your not-so-prudent purchase decisions. 

A better option would be to purchase an EDC subscription. 

Subscribing to an EDC box while camping ensures that every supply is made to order. This can save you money by preventing expenditure on unwanted gear. 

The good news is that there are multiple EDC suppliers that provide subscription-based deliveries. One such company is BattlBox. 

A BattlBox subscription gives you access to new products in the EDC industry. You also get your hands on exclusive gear at competitive prices. Moreover, you can join the BattlBox community to share valuable insights with like-minded individuals. 

2. Define Your Needs

We began by pointing out that every EDC enthusiast has distinct tastes and preferences. What appeals to other people may not necessarily pique your interest. Much less if you prefer to engage in rather unique outdoor exploits. 

The best way to customize your EDC collection here would be to define your needs. That primarily entails assessing your daily routine. 

Note down the tasks you frequently engage in and the places you regularly visit. 

A tactical pen will be your best friend if your day is predominantly marked by writing and signing documents. You can use the seemingly innocuous gadget for writing and unleash its other business end for self-defense. 

Similarly, a manual multi-tool would be your best bet if you’re a construction worker or home improvement specialist. The tool can help with different everyday activities, from cutting and dry-walling to sanding, scraping, etc. It’s also portable enough to carry with you to different wor.

3. Know What Constitutes Essential EDC Items

Each EDC enthusiast is unique. But it’s also true that certain EDC items are applicable in nearly every situation. 

So, even as you create an EDC collection based on your lifestyle, leave room for essential EDC gear. 

We’ve already mentioned a tactical pen and multi-tool. Other noteworthy tools to add to your EDC collection include;

  • Pocket Knife – To protect you from street muggers and other unforeseen assailants.
  • Flashlight – Ideal for night camping and during periods of frequent power outages.
  • Tactical Wrist Watch – A timepiece that doubles as a self-defense tool.
  • Wallet – Helps you sort out cash for convenience spending.  
  • Keychain – Secures keys to your home, office, car, garage door, etc.
  • Phone – Provides the quickest means to stay connected with family, friends, and coworkers.
  • USB charger – Helps keep your smartphone charged when off-gridding. 
  • Water Bottle – Helps avert dehydration during sweltering summer days.

4. Start Small

Putting up a complete EDC collection in one fell swoop can be overwhelming. It’s only worse if you’re yet to define the specific items you consider basic to your routine. 

However, there’s no need to rush. Start small with a few essential gear and then build the list gradually. 

You could start your EDC collection with a simple wallet and keychain. At least these are items you can hardly venture outdoors without. 

As time goes by, assess your routine and bring in more items as desired. 

Don’t fret if your routines frequently change, as you can always have dedicated EDC boxes for your various outdoor endeavors.

It’s also essential to utilize every item in your EDC package, even if only for experimental purposes. The skills gained from constant practice will come in handy when you finally have to deploy the tool in a real-life scenario.  

5. Improvise Where Necessary

Most everyday carry items are sophisticated tools only available in a gear store across the street. However, that doesn’t discount the significance of improvising. 

Improvisation helps reduce the number of EDC items you have to carry whenever you venture outdoors. It’s an ingenious space-saving technique, mainly where your standard EDC collection includes fairly big or bulky gear. 

Improvisation also helps hone your craftsmanship and manual dexterity. It can stimulate your creativity, too, especially for tasks that require a bit of mental exercise. 

Camping and hunting are some of the scenarios where you can put your improvisation skills to good use. Instead of stocking a couple of matchboxes or lighters, you might want to experiment with primitive fire-making techniques.

Final Word

There goes our comprehensive guide on how to put together a list of customized everyday carry items. 

As with any outdoor supplies, it’s paramount to prioritize quality over quantity while shopping for EDC gear. Research each product carefully to uncover what previous users think about it before adding it to your collection.

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