In the dynamic world of marketing, attention is getting scarce.

Notably, this is an escalating challenge.

No marketer can deny that to convey the message effectively, engage customers, and drive conversions, video content remains at the forefront of any strategy.

While everyone is doing that already, you might want to cut through the noise, and create something of your own. Some piece of content that is not just lauded by thousands for simply striking visuals, but also captures the essence of your message, in an original, and fun way.

Here’s your answer to cluttered brand content on social media:

Explainer videos.

In this blog, we’ll examine the five major reasons why an explainer video might be worthwhile for your brand.

Explainer Video: Defined

Ahah, just wait right here.

Before we jump into the benefits, let us first define what an explainer video really is.

To put it in simpler words, an explainer video is your elevator pitch, but made using moving graphics and creative animation. The idea behind any explainer video is to provide solid product value in the most effective way possible. Its core objective is to hook the viewer from the get-go.

As for the formats, explainer videos often come in four main formats: animated, live-action, screencast, and whiteboard drawings. Creating an explainer on your own is no cakewalk. That’s one reason why most brands in the tech industry prefer hiring an explainer video company.

As for presentation of an explainer, there are essentially two approaches to it;

  1. Problem-Solution

This one comprises a method, identifying the problem, and proposition of the final solution.

  1. Process/Product Overview,

It provides a walkthrough of the new, and better process. It can also be a how-to use a product video.

Now, let’s uncover the five most compelling reasons why explainer videos should be an integral part of your brand strategy.

1. Efficient Communication of Value

As a communication tool, explainer videos offer a unique advantage.

As per Insivia, more than 70% viewers exhibit a high degree of interest to inquire about a product, especially when there’s a video on a webpage. Additionally, the study found out that the retention rate for video content alone is more than 90%, which makes creating more videos worthwhile than writing plain blogs, which only have 10% retention.

It is so since video encapsulates the essence of every marketing message seamlessly.

As you choose to create explainer videos, you won’t be just delighting your viewers with thought-provoking content, but actually create information that is easier to absorb and retain for a longer period.

2. Boost Conversion Rates

The impact of explainer videos extends beyond efficient communication—they significantly boost conversion rates.

According to Wyzowl research, these videos have the potential to elevate sales by up to 73%. This surge in conversion rates can be attributed to their ability to disseminate your business or product’s value across various channels.

Explainer videos become versatile assets, seamlessly fitting into eDMs, company websites, YouTube, and social platforms.

You can use it across a range of channels. As a result of such distribution, you will not only increase reach, but also enhance your conversion rate. Additionally, explainer videos work well to inform, and engage at the same time.

The video clearly makes a premium brand proposition, thus influencing the decision of your customer.

3. Enhanced SEO Rankings

Contrary to the misconception that video content hinders SEO, explainer videos can actually boost your Google search ranking by up to 53%.

Digital platforms, including Google, favor video content due to its unparalleled engagement. When users play videos on your website, it increases their time on the site, subsequently lowering the bounce rate.

Lower bounce rates are directly associated with higher SEO scores, positioning explainer videos as a valuable tool for improving your online visibility.

Leveraging the preference of digital platforms for video content can result in a substantial enhancement of your brand’s search engine ranking, contributing to increased discoverability among potential customers.

4. Credibility Enhancement

For newer businesses or startups, building credibility is a pivotal challenge.

Explainer videos, with their professional presentation and commitment to quality, become instrumental in addressing this challenge.

It won’t be wrong to say that customers crave more videos than text. Therefore, producing high-quality videos will also build your audience overtime, thus improving the overall credibility of your brand.

Especially for businesses in their early stages, a quality explainer video serves as a catalyst for building a positive brand image.

5. Long-lasting Marketing Asset

Beyond being a tool for explaining products, explainer videos emerge as excellent vehicles for showcasing your brand’s culture and unique voice.

Many businesses leverage these videos as hero pieces at company events like conferences or showcases, seamlessly integrating them into regular sales channels and company websites.

The initial investment in a quality video transforms into a versatile asset that consistently communicates your brand’s essence. If you wish to create that versatile asset for your brand, it’s best to check with a video animation company since creating an explainer requires high-level technical expertise in animation.


Understanding the significance of explainer videos is the first step towards integrating them into your brand strategy. To further assist you, explore our pro tips for creating stellar product videos

Additionally, learn how to write an effective explainer script with insights from our experts. If you’re seeking assistance in creating impactful videos for your business, our video production agency experts at We Know Video Production Sydney and Melbourne are here to help!

Contact us to embark on a journey of visually compelling and effective communication for your brand.

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