Managing employee absence can be complicated and costly. When employees miss work, other team members must pick up the slack, resulting in productivity loss and increased workplace stress.

Personio’s employee scheduling software makes fielding and handling employee absence requests easy. Streamlined processes and automated PTO calculations save HR managers time.


A quality absence management system can reduce absenteeism and boost productivity by automating employee time off requests, tracking accruals, and scheduling. Employees can easily submit and manage requests via a self-service portal, while managers can approve or decline requests with just one click.

With a digital paper trail and automated processes, Absence Management Software ensures compliance with federal and state laws for paid leave such as sick leaves, vacation days, maternity or paternity leaves, jury duty, or short-term and long-term disability. It is also designed to handle unplanned or frequent absences, providing accommodations and support.

An absence management system is typically part of a workforce management platform or HR suite. However, it can also be a standalone application that handles only the specific metric of employee absences and absence request approvals. A full-featured, reliable solution offers a complete business management platform with team calendars, PTO allowance calculations, and integrations.


Managing time and attendance is often complicated. It involves tracking employee clock-in/clock-out times and creating and managing team rosters. It also means ensuring compliance with labor laws. This can lead to costly errors and non-compliance issues without a straightforward process.

Absent management software simplifies the process, helping managers track leave balances and approve requests quickly and easily. It also helps ensure everyone stays updated in real-time, preventing confusion and potential conflicts over scheduling issues. This improves internal communication and boosts efficiency, productivity, and morale.

A centralized calendar displays planned time off for all employees and makes it easy for managers to shuffle work schedules when someone is out on sick leave or vacation. This helps avoid missed deadlines, project delays, and resource overspending. It also enables employees to inform their coworkers of upcoming absences, which reduces unscheduled leave. With TeamSense, employees can even report absences directly from their mobile phones-eliminating the need for company email or complicated phone apps. This helps improve workflow and reduces stress for both employees and managers. It also helps managers identify trends in employee absenteeism and make appropriate changes to their programs.


Keeping track of employee attendance and time-off requests can be complicated. With a process or tool, this can lead to clarity, missed deadlines, and reduced workplace morale. Absence management software streamlines this process, making it easier for managers to handle employee absences and maintain compliance with labor laws.

Employees can submit leave and vacation requests and view their eligibility status in real-time with an employee self-service portal. Managers can automate workflows, generate audit trails, and see the big picture with a clear view of leave trends and metrics. Our compliance team keeps our platform up-to-date with the latest federal, state, and company-specific leave and accommodation regulations.

The centralized calendar allows you to track approved absences and schedule changes, and the reports provide insights into patterns, such as peak times of absenteeism. This helps you to reduce overtime costs and boost business efficiency. Moreover, the system can integrate with other systems to streamline your operations further. This includes HR and payroll systems. This makes it easy to manage your entire workforce through a single, integrated system.


Tracking employee attendance is vital for the success of your business. An unexplained pattern of absence or an overly frequent occurrence of long-term leave can cause real problems and reduce productivity. It is essential to strike the right balance between supporting employees with a valid reason for missing work and disciplining those whose absences are questionable or excessive.

An absence management software tool allows you to set clear time-off policies and manage employee leave balances in a centralized calendar. Employees can log their time off requests, and their managers can quickly approve or reject them. Moreover, you can generate reports on various metrics, such as clock-in/clock-out times, leave balances, and more, that help you make informed decisions.

Managing leave requests can be tedious and complicated for HR teams. However, an automated system can streamline the process and ensure state and federal laws compliance. It also provides a clear and consistent record of employee time off, reducing administrative burdens. Moreover, it will simplify employee self-service by eliminating the need to submit paper timesheets and other paperwork.


A sound absence management system should offer precise and reliable data about employee absenteeism trends. This should help managers and HR teams understand the causes of absences, allowing them to address issues as they arise.

It can also save businesses time and money by reducing how much time managers or HR staff spend tracking employee leave requests or filling out team vacation calendars. This leaves more time for them to focus on tasks that directly contribute to the company’s profitability and productivity.

The absence software can also help companies comply with local labor laws by providing a secure and accessible platform for managing absences. This can reduce the chances of violations or fines that result from inaccurate timekeeping, missed deadlines, or other compliance issues.

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