Be it men or women, everyone wants to look their best on their first date. It not only helps in creating a great first impression but the boosted confidence that you get from a well-groomed look also makes you feel good. Additionally, when you take a few minutes to style yourself a little special, it also shows that you are excited and respect your date. It speaks volumes about your personality.

While there are so many checklists for women to be date-ready, there is not much help available for men! That’s why we have come up with this guide where we help the men get ready for their first date which will increase the chances of getting a second date.

But before we jump into the guide, we would like to tell you that we understand the pressure of a ‘first date’ and therefore we have only included the things that are easy to do. Just follow these suggestions and we are sure that they will make a huge impact:

  1. Shower – this is nonnegotiable on usual days and hence becomes all the more important on special days like a date! And if you are meeting them after spending a grilling session at the gym then do NOT step out without showering. Use a nice body wash to thoroughly cleanse your body and wash your face. You can also exfoliate your face a couple of days before the date. A nice shower will not only make you appear clean and tidy but will also calm your nerves if you are feeling nervous. 
  2. Pay attention to your hair – while it is not necessary to shampoo your hair on that day. But make sure that your hair does not look disheveled. You should comb your hair to make them appear nice and in place. You can even consider going for a haircut if you haven’t recently. Additionally, you can also apply some hair gel to set your hair. But be careful, do not overdo anything. Stay away from experimenting as well. 
  3. Shave or not to shave – Now this is a personal decision but if you do have a beard then make sure that you style and groom it nicely. Having uneven growth or unruly beard hair leaves a bad impression. A half grown beard also looks sloppy. It is better to shave in that case. But make sure that you use the Best Razors to do so that you do not get any cuts or hurt yourself. Any bruises might look odd on the first date! 
  4. Choose your outfit wisely – It is important to dress in neat and clean clothes but do not go overboard with a tuxedo. Pick something that makes you feel confident as well as comfortable. When it comes to dates, our suggestion is to try on some smart casuals. You should of course put some thought into your outfit. 
  5. Take care of your teeth – You must brush your teeth and use mouthwash to battle bad breath before your date. Consider using whitening strips if your teeth have a yellowish tinge and always have breath mints on hand or in your car. Avoid eating food that makes your mouth smell. 
  6. Cut your nails – You may not pay much attention to your nails, but your date surely will. Dirt and other debris can get trapped under our nails easily, so keep them neatly trimmed with a nail clipper. While you’re at it, clip your toenails too.
  7. Pay attention to how you smell – Cologne or perfumes are a great way to smell good for your date. But make sure that you do not apply something that is too strong or apply too much. More than 2-3 sprays of cologne can overwhelm the room, making your date head for the hills. Just a few sprays will get you through the evening. If you do not use them then go ahead and buy Best Perfume for Men. They are a great ally that can come in handy in other situations as well. 
  8. Accessorize carefully – while accessories are a great way to express your personal style. You must pay attention to not overdo the. A classic watch always looks great. If you have a smartwatch, wear that. They generally compliment every outfit. 
  9. Be on time – Whether you’re picking your date up at their house or meeting up somewhere, being punctual is crucial. Leave a little earlier than you normally would and be sure to check local traffic reports to avoid any surprises on the road.
  10. Enjoy yourself – If you’re not having fun, your date won’t be having fun. Whatever you’re doing together – a movie, dinner or something else – make an effort to give it your all. If there are sparks, great. Remember to smile. If there’s no connection, cut your losses.

At last, your first impressions can definitely contribute to the future of your dates. So do not be lousy and leave a lasting mark by investing in these grooming essentials. Everything will contribute to your confidence and help you slay that first date. At the end, it is all about how you present yourself. If you will radiate confidence, you will remain positive. While we agree that dating is more than just about ‘appearances’ and you will eventually get there but looks do matter as well. If you will not make any effort to look smart, then your date will also feel disrespected.


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