When you are running an online store on BigCommerce, you ought to look out for the best ways to scale its functionalities and bring in more returns to your business. Now, what do productive returns for you as a BigCommerce store owner?

Just like usual, productive returns imply high traffic, a bigger customer base and successful marketing outcomes. To make it simple, eCommerce productivity is assessed based on how easily you can convert your site visitors into paying customers. Isn’t it?

So, you ought to hire a professional Bigcommerce web designer who can help you optimize your site and enhance the conversion rate. Whether you are in need of some exclusive features or want to avail a custom BigCommerce theme development service, let experts decide on what level of optimization your store needs. 

But, to give you a glimpse at some of the mandatory things to look out for or optimize, this article will elaborate on some of the tips that you must count on. 

What are the 10 Best BigCommerce Store Optimization Tips to Count On?

So, if you are willing to make your BigCommerce store stand out in the crowd, you will need some strong optimization strategies to back your efforts. You can indeed hire the best BigCommerce web designer to assess all the site elements and seek improvements for the same. But, to have a bit of knowledge on some of the mandatory optimizations, is quite essential for you as the store owner. 

So, here are a few tips you should keep in mind while you seek BigCommerce store optimization: 

1. Optimize the SEO Aspects

The first thing that your BigCommerce web designer will recommend is to optimize the SEO aspects of your store. The theme or templates you use might have SEO features in them, but there’s a lot more that you can do to make your BigCommerce store more visible on SERPs. 

Here are some of the other things that your BigCommerce eCommerce development expert can help you implement to enhance the SEO potential of your store:

  • You must get your site checked to see if it is running with HTTPS and ensure that your customers don’t get that ‘not secure’ alert while accessing your store. 
  • Seek integration of your BigCommerce store with Google Analytics, which will help you keep a tab on the latest statistics. 
  • Following that, you can also upload the sitemap to Google’s Search Console, which can be automatically attained by BigCommerce. If needed, you can take the help of your BigCommerce eCommerce development experts to acquire it. 
  • You must fill the product pages with all sorts of information related to it. Thus, it will enable Google to pick out rich snippets from the description, which will help inspire your customers to access your store to know more about the product. 

Take the help of your BigCommerce web designer and development experts to integrate such changes to your site and boost your organic ranking on the SERPs. 

2. Leverage the Potential of Upsells

A lot of rookie experts will suggest BigCommerce store optimization techniques correlated to the sales that you can make today. But you must know driving efforts towards enhancing conversions from your existing customers can be even more productive. 

As you know, the purchasing habits of the customers from past orders will often predict future spending. Therefore, your mission with the idea of upselling should be to convert all your one-time buyers into your loyal customers. 

When you care to optimize your site for the existing customers, you will have a better chance of securing more revenue. Therefore, take the help of a BigCommerce agency and implement some post-purchase engagement strategies with your one-time buyers and loyal customers. 

Some of the things that your BigCommerce agency experts will recommend are: 

  • Run A/B Tests to Determine Upsell Triggers:

Take the help of your BigCommerce web designer and run some A/B tests on various upsell triggers on dedicated purchases for the BigCommerce store. 

  • Use Smart Email Marketing:

With the right strategy, you can run a post-purchase email marketing campaign, which will enhance the experience of your customers, and might entice them to make another purchase. 

3. Care to Add Videos to the Product Pages:

It is true that your BigCommerce web designer can help you optimize your store for both pre- as well as post-purchase, but your conversions will be put to a halt, if you aren’t optimizing the product pages in specific. For you to know, product pages are primarily one of the initial touchpoints for customers before they decide on buying the products. 

Therefore, you must add a more convincing touch to the product pages, sufficient enough to entice the users to buy your products over others. One of the ways you can do it is by seeking the help of your BigCommerce web designer and adding videos to the product pages. These videos will show your customers the way your product works or how it can be used. 

Around 88% of business owners have responded to a survey saying that adding videos to product descriptions has helped them scale the conversion rate. Not only will this inclusion make your store more engaging, but it will also improve your online visibility across search engines. 

Parting Words

These are the three major tips that can help you optimize your BigCommerce store with ultimate feature enhancements. Not just visual, but you will also be acquiring a lot of functional improvements for your store. All you need to do is take the help of a BigCommerce website designer or development professional and let them find the functional loopholes of your store. 

Beyond these three strategic tips, if there’s a need for you to optimize any other element of the store to increase the user experience quotient, your BigCommerce web designer will help you find and work on those areas. 

So, if you own a BigCommerce store or are planning to run one, you ought to be the best in it! Therefore, be aware of the crucial optimizations and take the help of experts to get those modifications executed right away! 

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