CFA, or chartered financial analyst, is one of the most respectable certification courses that revolves around the study of finance. It is controlled by the CFA institute based in the US and focuses on individuals who want to reach the top tier in finance careers. Stick to the article to get all the CFA course details in India

This certification is a great option for students who want to enhance their skills and knowledge in finance with the hope of earning a respectable certificate that can help open several doors of career opportunities. The CFA course can help you secure a great position in any company in the finance industry. People do this course with the hope of working with companies like JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, McKinsey, Merrill Lynch etc. 

CFA course is categorized into 3 levels

Stage 1– exams are conducted twice a year, mostly in June and December.

Stage 2– Exams are conducted once a year in June.

Stage 3– exams are held in June of every year. 

Eligibility Criteria

To enroll yourself in the CFA course, you need to have an international passport and one of the following given below. 

  • Undergraduate education: The student needs to have a bachelor’s degree or should be in the final year of the course being pursued. 
  • Work experience: Professionals need to have work experience of more than four years.
  • Mixture– a combination of education and work experience of 4 years. People can pursue this course with the Finance and Accounting course

Career opportunities after CFA

Some of the primary job roles that every person looks for after pursuing a CFA are:

  • Portfolio Manager – The role of this designation is to invest and manage the funds of the clients in such a way that they can get the maximum returns, ensuring that the chance of losing that money is negligible. 
  • Equity Research Analyst – as we all can guess by the name, an ERA undergoes research on industry-specific stocks and other instruments, ensuring whether they are worth investing in or not by predicting their future value. 
  • Mergers and Acquisition Analyst – merger and acquisition analysts play an essential role when there is a merger between two enterprises or when an acquisition takes place.
  • Credit Analyst – A credit analyst follows several processes to analyze the creditworthiness of any organization or an individual. In short, he checks several fundamentals to see whether to increase the credit of the particular entity or not. 

CFA Exam Scholarships

One question that comes to every person’s mind is, does the institute offer scholarships to students? Yes, the institute offers several types of Scholarship. Some of them are given below.

  • Access Scholarship: several students have the potential to be at the top but can’t afford the cost of the course. This Scholarship will help them study the course for free.
  • Women’s Scholarship: for girls who couldn’t qualify for the general Scholarship due to some unavoidable circumstances and have not registered for the examination. 
  • Student Scholarship: For the children who attend one of the affiliated universities. 
  • Professor Scholarship: university or college professors can also do CFA without any fees. All they need to do is enroll their names in the professor scholarship.
  • Regulator Scholarship: qualified employees of non-profit companies can apply for this section. 
  • Media Scholarship: Employees of media organizations can undertake this project. 

Pay Of A CFA Charterholder

Every person wants to choose a career option that will help them get immense success in the long run. Suppose you are from a commerce background and are looking for a course that can boost your portfolio. Consider pursuing a CFA. Now, several people have this question: what is the CFA course? This course will help you in getting advanced knowledge related to the field of finance. 

However, the salary of a CFA depends on the country, industry and designation they are working on. However, we have shared the base pay of a few different countries; you can check and browse the internet on CFA course details in India to get in-depth knowledge. 

  • India – Rs 914K
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE) – AED 207K
  • United Kingdom – £49,355
  • Singapore – S$98K
  • United States – $89K


Choosing the right career option is as essential as choosing a proper diet, as it helps you in keeping your financial status healthy. If you have good knowledge about finance, then CFA is the right career option for you. This will help you secure a higher position in one of the topmost MNC companies and help you get better pay. You can browse the internet for CFA course details in India to get all the details about the subjects, fees etc.  

However, you need to have an international passport to apply for this course. Check all the CFA course details in India to learn about the Scholarship. 

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