Some of those things you see in movies are real or can happen in real-life situations. Seeing a movie star navigating through dangerous scenarios and coming out victorious is because they’re adequately prepared for the unexpected.  

If you put yourself in the place of a movie actor and find yourself in a precarious situation, you’ll understand what it means to be prepared for difficult times.   

If you’ve not experienced any form of disaster – whether natural or otherwise, but have seen it happen to others, it means it can also come around you one day.  

No one prays for disasters, but sometimes they could be unavoidable. Emergencies don’t give warnings before occurring; that’s where tactical survival gear is essential.  

Since accidents can occur without warning, it’s practically essential to actively prepare for them. This article will highlight how tactical survival gear essentials can help every prepper overcome calamities.  

What You Need To Know About Preparing for the Unexpected 

With news of natural disasters and unforeseen situations happening worldwide, it would be safe to anticipate some form of emergency and know how to prepare for them.  

Preppers may not be in agreement as to what type of emergency is imminent, but they agree about the preparedness for such occurrence. Stockpiling survival tactical gear is crucial to respond positively to any crisis.  

The first step in preparing for any catastrophe is to have a stockpile of essential emergency supplies that can enhance survival in extreme situations. 

This essential gear stockpile includes first aid kits, food, water, and a tactical survival pack. The survival pack typically contains essential items such as a knife, firestarter, flashlight, etc.

Essential Items To Include In Your Tactical Survival Pack

Because you don’t know what emergency is coming your way, you may be uncertain about what you should have in your stockpile. Let the professionals help you curate the essential survival items to help you defeat any urgent situation that life throws you. 

Not everyone is a pro when it comes to tactical survival gear. If you’re a fresher in tactical survival gear or a casual tactician,  you can take advantage of Crate Club’s Lieutenant package. It includes self-defense tools such as a knife,  handgun, etc. Others are fire-starters, EDC gear, communication gadgets such as a two-way radio, and many more.  

The Captain and Major Crate Club packs are your best options for experienced survivalists looking to engage in more critical, disastrous situations. Apart from containing all essential items in Lieutenant, they include additional tools such as medical kits, flashlights, optics, purification systems, etc.  

Here comes the General pack! This is for the professionals. If you belong to the combatant frontlines where the real issues are or want to explore the 007 type of gear kits, this box belongs to you. 

While containing items included in Lieutenant, Captain, and Major, you also have customs bulletproof bag inserts, tactical self-defense flashlights, binoculars, and survival and EDC tools. Those who belong to this group are the real Generals! 

A Checklist Of Basic Survival Kit

Aside from the items listed in the packages stated above, here is a checklist of a basic disaster supply kit to gear up for any possible eventuality. 

They include water, food, whistles, local maps, wrenches, can openers, battery-powered handheld radios with backup batteries, cell phones with chargers extra batteries, a dust mask, a first aid kit, flashlights,   

Survival essentials can be anything that can be useful in an emergency. They can be everyday household items or special tools for the outdoors.  They can still be relevant after an emergency to keep you going and meet the challenges posed by the aftermath of the disaster. 

Staying Connected In An Emergency Situation  

 If you must survive and overcome emergencies, you must be equipped with the essential communication devices to stay connected with your loved ones or to ask for help when necessary. 

 Communication devices are a must-have in an emergency. Having extra batteries for your communication gadgets, including your mobile phone, is essential to prevail in highly challenging circumstances.   

Again, with these expertly curated tactical survival tools, you can triumph in any adverse situation. 


Tips For Keeping Your Supplies and Equipment Safe and Secure  

Tactical survival kits are your investments. You must protect them from theft or damage and keep them ready for use. This means that you must follow certain steps to keep them safe and secure. 

Although Crateclub’s packages come in safe and secure boxes or containers, you can follow these tips to keep your survival kits ready for use.  

Get a secure, lockable container to keep them safe. This will also help to keep them organized and available for urgent use. Label them in such a way as to make them easier to identify. You can separate them by keeping some items in your car, home, or workplace. This ensures easy access when you need them suddenly. 


As postulated above, being ready for any unexpected crisis is crucial. An emergency can happen at any time. For preppers, the best you can do for yourself is to equip yourself with tactical survival essentials. 

Having properly stocked emergency supply essentials can help you take control of any ugly situation or unexpected crisis, whether at home or outdoors. No one knows when disasters will come, but preppers look forward to such a day without surprises. Be prepared with tactical survival essentials, and take the world by storm. 

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