Operating a tattoo shop generates more waste than you might think – from disposable tattoo needles and ink caps to paper towels, plastic wrap, disposable gloves and cleaning supplies. All that refusal can really add up, which is why investing in an affordable skip bin rental can be a smart move for tattoo shop owners. Here’s how to find affordable skip bin hire like Skip Bin Finder for your tattoo business.

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Assess Your Waste Volume 

The first step is taking a look at just how much rubbish your tattoo shop produces on a weekly or monthly basis. Going through your current waste disposal process for a week and jotting down how often your bins fill up can give you an idea of what size skip you require. The major skip bin hire companies provide several different container sizes from 3 cubic metres up to 15 cubic metres. Measure your shop’s waste output so you don’t end up paying for a container that’s too big or small.

Get Quotes From Multiple Companies

The prices skip bin rental companies charge can vary widely, so it pays to get quotes from several different services in your area. When comparing quotes, look at both the rental cost for the skip itself as well as the fees they charge for transportation, disposal, fuel costs and taxes. Don’t just go with the cheapest overall quote, as it could mean lower quality service or hidden fees. Carefully compare all the inclusions and charges so you understand exactly what you’re paying for.

Consider Front Lift Bins

Standard rear lift skip bins may require the hire truck to have clear access to the back of the skip in order to collect it. However, front lift bins are picked up at the front, so they can be placed in narrower spaces. Opting for a front lift skip can provide more placement flexibility and may come at a lower cost, so ask skip companies if they offer them.

Rent for Shorter Periods

Most tattoo shop owners find they only need a skip bin periodically when waste volumes are very high. Rather than paying for a long-term weekly or monthly skip rental, consider only getting a skip on an as-needed basis. Most companies offer flexible short-term rentals for as little as one day, which keeps costs down in between busy times when waste disposal needs peak. Planning your skip rentals strategically around the shop’s workflow can lead to serious savings. 

Choose a Nearby Provider

Transport fees can represent a major portion of overall skip bin hire costs. When comparing quotes, check where skip companies are located relative to your tattoo shop and give preference to the most conveniently situated depots and offices. Using a local provider based nearby leads to lower transport fees passed on to consumers.

Share With Other Businesses

Team up with other shops or offices in your local area to share a skip rental and split some of the costs. For example, the hair salon next door may want to split your combined refuse disposal. When a skip is shared between business tenants, coordinate waste dumping schedules so one user doesn’t fill the entire container, leaving no room for others.

Consult With Your Waste Collection Provider 

Your current business waste collection company may offer competitive skip bin rental rates. These companies have an incentive to retain your business across all waste management services. Discuss skip options with your existing service rep – they may suggest deals or custom packages to fit your tattoo shop’s temporary waste spikes throughout the year. Don’t rule out your current provider automatically without having a conversation.

Read All Contract Terms Thoroughly

Before signing any skip rental agreement, read all fine print and terms closely so you know precisely what is and isn’t covered. Key things to look out for are how many days you can keep the skip until incurring late fees, precise transportation boundaries beyond which higher fuel levies apply, prohibited materials not accepted in the skip and other clauses that can drive up charges. Don’t get stuck with surprise fees – understand every rental term.


Weigh up these tips when sourcing your tattoo shop’s next temporary waste container. Taking the time to research options and plan rental periods carefully allows you to secure an affordable skip that fits your shop’s workflow with money left over to purchase more colourful inks. Reach out to providers well in advance of needing a bin as availability can fluctuate. With smart skip bin choices, you can keep your shop clean and profitable.

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