Hair can start to shed from any place on your scalp and female hair loss usually doesn’t come in regular patterns. You cannot control the way your hair leaves you, but you can decide what kind of hair you want by putting on a proper wig or good-fitting topper. Knowing the differences between hair toppers and wigs can help you choose the right solution for hair loss.


A wig is a common hair loss solution and an indispensable item in cosplays. It covers the entire head and allows wearers to experiment with diverse colors, different styles, and multiple lengths. For people who are suffering from advanced stages of hair loss or undergoing baldness caused by chemotherapy, wigs are an optimal choice as they impose no tension on your hair and give your bio hair a good rest while providing full coverage. Although there may be clips and combs on the wig cap, you can wear a wig without them. All you have to do is to tuck your hair and put the wig on. As long as your wig size is suitable, you can even do a head flip with the wig on. It will hold your head tightly without slipping or falling off. Wigs can stay put without clips, therefore such accessories for assisting installation are optional. You can remove them or buy wigs with no widgets to lighten your hairpiece. A wig grip isn’t a must as well.

Compared to women’s hair toppers, wigs are surely heavier because they are bigger and use more hair. In this case, wigs will add more weight and warmth to your scalp. Before you go to the gym or exercise, it’s better to take off the wig, otherwise, your bio hair underneath can get very messy and sweaty, and you can feel obvious discomfort caused by mugginess.

Hair toppers

Hair toppers for women are partial wigs with clips that are designed to conceal thin hair or patchy scalp on the crown and parting line. A good topper blends seamlessly with existing hair and doesn’t hide your healthy natural locks. To find yourself a nice piece of hair topper, you need to match it with the color of your bio hair, or it may look fake on your head. Such mini wigs are lighter and less dense than a woman’s wig, therefore they are ideal for hot seasons like summer. Though they are lightweight, they can add enough volume, density, and layers by fastening to your head with clips. Since hair toppers are made with a smaller base and less hair, they are more cost-effective than buying a wig.

Toppers work well for people who are at the beginning stage of hair loss, experiencing gradual hair loss, or have bald spots. However, if your scalp has sensitive skin or your hair roots are fragile, they might not be the best choice for you. Hair toppers need to be clipped onto your bio hair, though not as tightly as hair extensions do, and this will cause some pressure on your hair roots that may make your scalp feel uncomfortable and can cause further hair loss.

Which one should I pick?

Honestly, it’s up to you. If you aren’t losing hair, but you want to increase your hair volume or add some layers on top of your head in an undetectable way, a hair topper is a budget-friendly option. However, if you want to change your style and hair color on the whole, wigs are your go-to. On the contrary, if you are experiencing hair loss, you need to see whether a topper can cover your thinning hair or baldness well enough. This is very important. If the answer is yes, you can opt for a hair topper. If not, you should switch to the wig section and start selecting your wig. Similar to the former situation, if you are seeking a complete change in appearance, a wig is the only choice, as it can provide you with all kinds of hairstyling possibilities regardless of the length, color, and texture of your hair. Wigs don’t attach to your bio hair, so they won’t cause traction alopecia. Hair toppers actually stay on the top of your head without pulling or holding onto your bio hair like hair extensions. If your scalp skin is very sensitive, a wig suits you more than a hair topper does. It can provide a secure fit without the help of clips and combs. Both wigs and hair toppers can be used as a routine or for special occasions. Considering hair loss area, money, and personal preference for styles and colors, your answer should be explored on your own.

After reading this article, I believe that your confusion about hair toppers and wigs is gone. Now you know what you want and what fits you better. It’s time to pick up some high-quality hairpieces for women. Browse Superhairpieces, a website that provides elaborate human Remy hair and professional advice for women, and you will return with the most beautiful smile. Go ahead!


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