Are you wondering which game is better TFT or LOL? Well.. both the games have amazing features and at the same time, both have some downsides. So, to say which one is better you must know the pros and cons of both – TFT and LOL.

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) was released in 2019 as a spinoff of League of Legends which was released in 2009. In both games, you get the same champions, items, and even aesthetics. However, it is the play style where you will feel the difference. In LOL, you have to play in a team while in TFT you play solo. And, this one thing determines which game is better. 

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Why TFT is better

Below are a few things that make TFT a better option:

1. You play solo

In TFT, you have to play solo. You have to compete online against seven other opponents by building a team to be the last one standing. That means you can devise your own strategy and make your own decisions without having to depend on others. Plus, unlike in LOL, in TFT you can quit the match whenever you want without any fear of penalty.

2. No blame game, No stress

TFT is a toxicity-free game. As there are no team-based matches, no one blames anyone for any loss. If you win, it is because of you. And, if you lose, you yourself are responsible for it. No blame game. Hence, making it less stressful.

3. No communication required

TFT is a better option for those who are not comfortable communicating with others. Or, those who don’t like to use their tongue while using their brains.

4. No long time commitments

TFT matches are usually way shorter than LOL matches. So, if you do not have much time or if you are someone who likes to play many quick matches then you should go for TFT.

5. Easier to climb the rank ladder

In TFT, it is relatively easier to climb the rank ladder than it is LOL. Many players who get stuck in a certain rank in LOL fare quite well in TFT matche

Downsides of TFT

Below are the downsides of TFT:

1. You do not get team experience

The first downside of TFT is that, unlike LOL, here you do not get a rich team experience. When you play in a team, you have their back. They cover you where you lag and you also get to learn from your mates’ feedback.

2. Short-lived fun

Secondly, in TFT the fun is short-lived. The matches end too quickly. So, TFT is not for you if you have a lot of time to kill or if you are looking for long fiery matches.

3. RNG dependence

TFT involves a degree of randomness, from champion offerings to item drops. This can lead to situations where success heavily relies on luck rather than pure skill or strategy.

Why LOL is better

Below are a few things that make LOL a better option:

1. Player interaction

LOL is a team-based game. LOL, you will get to interact heavily with other players. You have to do a hell of teamwork and coordination among teammates to win battles. So, if you are someone who enjoys coordinating and communicating with others to achieve objectives then LOL is perfect for you.

2. Long fun filled matches

LOL matches may go over an hour. So, they are perfect for those who have a lot of time to kill. Or, for those who like to play a long intensive game then several quick matches.

3. Pushes player to polish skill set

LoL requires real-time action and mechanics. Therefore, it demands a diverse skill set from you. From last-hitting minions to navigating the map, mastering champion abilities, and understanding complex itemization, LoL pushes you harder to improve your skill set.

4. Good for streaming

Since LOL is a team-based game and is more fun to watch, it is popular around the world. Many content creators find success streaming LoL due to its spectator appeal and the ability to showcase high-level plays and strategies. So, if in the future you plan to showcase your content, LOL is a better option for you.

5. Diverse champion pool

Another thing that makes LOL better than TFT is its diverse champion pool. TFT also has the same pool. But, in TFT champions become scarcer as they are chosen by others. Plus, in TFT champions are usually removed or added as it operates in sets. They impact the strategies and hence the performance of players. But in LOL, you can choose from a diverse pool of champions without compromising your skill set.

Downsides of LOL

Below are the downsides of LOL:

1. Toxicity

As LOL is a team-based game, it has a lot of toxicity. You will get blamed for the defeats or you might face harassment. This will negatively impact your performance.

2. Dependence on other teammates

in LOL, your success heavily depends on your team members. So, if any of them quit or stop putting in the effort, you lose.

3. Difficult without communication skills

Effective communication is crucial in LoL. If you struggle with communication skills or find it challenging to coordinate with teammates, you will face difficulties.


If you want to play short quick matches, in a relaxed environment, without having to communicate then TFT is best for you.

BUT, if you want to play intensive, long, team-based matches with a diverse champion pool then LOL is best for you.


While going through the pros and cons of Teamfight Tactics (TFT) and League of Legends (LoL), it becomes evident that each game offers a unique gaming experience. In the end, TFT vs LOL .. the answer depends largely on your playstyle, time availability, and personality traits.


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