It is with its storied shimmering skyscrapers, breathtaking beaches and immense sand dunes that Abu Dhabi abounds in opportunities for exploration and adventure. While you rent a car in Abu Dhabi, you can appreciate this lively Emirate at your own leisure. The ability to walk your own path on the highways and byways of Abu Dhabi offers a level of freedom far greater than that provided with group tours or even public transportation. Before picking up the keys to your rented set of wheels in Abu Dhabi, be sure to brush up on these 5 essential rental tips:

  1. Research Vehicle Options Thoroughly

With a car rental in Abu Dhabi, you have the opportunity to discover all of it at your own pace. With so many rental companies available, make sure to take your time when selecting the proper vehicle type model as well as rent package. Variation may occur in the aspects such as fuel selection, transmission type, passenger number and luggage size with regard to features and fees included.

  1. Review Insurance Requirements and Options

Many first-time visitors renting a car in Abu Dhabi do not realize one essential thing regarding the lawfully mandated minimum cover. Third party liability insurance coverage must be carried in all rental vehicles at a minimum, if an accident happens. But such a coverage typically does not cover any damage to the rental car. Evaluate the available alternatives – some rental agencies incorporate basic CDW in their rates while others necessitate buying this coverage as an add-on.

  1. Carefully Inspect Condition at Pickup

One fact that should be remembered when picking up your rental car in Abu Dhabi is to leave some time for a detailed inspection. When possible, document any existing scrapes scratches dents or other visible imperfections with pictures. Ensure that all lights, signals, wipers and seat adjustments are in order.

  1. Understand Local Driving Rules  

Driving Culture and Road Regulations in the UAE may be different from other countries you might be used to. For example, all passengers must wear seat belts; operating a cellphone while driving is illegal (even when sitting at a red light), and there are stringent child safety seat regulations. Speed limits and road signs may also not be what you are accustomed to, for example a black diamond sign with yellow background indicate that speed cameras operate in an area so it is advisable for one to drive carefully.

  1. Inquire about Easy Refuelling and Toll Options

However, a regularly overlooked but highly convenient feature to ask about while booking your Abu Dhabi rental car is whether the company provides prepaid fuel plans. These enable you to prepay the cost of a full tank at competitive prices in order not to refuel before returning the car. Some deals will even allow you to return the car with whatever fuel is remaining in it and at no cost. The price of petrol is excessive and early on locking in savings brings consolation.


These five tips provide fundamental information for stress-free car rental in Abu Dhabi. Therefore, reading the small print including local laws, inspection reports and refuelling policies will help ensure a smoother safer driving experience when you rent a car or even go for car lease in UAE. The opportunity of taking in a magnificent modern city and enjoying the majestic desert landscape at your own leisure makes flexibility and dependability transportation essential.

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