When seeking certain government and non-government contracts, you must prove your capability to safeguard the data provided. The government and big corporations are concerned about data security, hence the need for contractors and businesses to enforce stringent data security measures to protect unclassified information. To ensure strict security systems, businesses can rely on various templates, mainly the NIST 800-171, to enforce different security measures.

Notably, to ensure safety and security, NIST templates ensure businesses have the best cybersecurity policies to protect the data and information provided by state and federal agencies. If you have a business specializing in manufacturing, services, and consultancy with state and federal agencies, the templates are ideal for complying with the CMMC measures. 

Besides data security and asset protection, they have significant benefits to businesses. Let’s explore some reasons why you need these policy templates.

1. Impact On Time and Business Costs

Normally, most business owners rely on expert help and guidelines on cybersecurity matters. Getting help from external sources would mean your business has to incur more, including expert and resource outsourcing costs. Another challenge for you is that the entire process will likely take longer, as the experts must examine the business function to curate the perfect cybersecurity policies and measures. 

Eventually, when implementing the agreed guidelines and framework, you shall have spent more capital that could be used for other activities. Before implementing the guidelines and policies, the business has to do a lot of research to formulate policies, roles, responsibilities, resources, and statements. Since you rely on more than one expert, expect some challenges, mainly inconsistencies, errors, gaps, and vulnerabilities.

To save your business all the challenges, you can get different NIST 800-171 Policy Templates, which are already formulated with everything a business needs. All you have to do is follow the template to implement and checklist cybersecurity measures. You can customize these ready-made templates to fit your business needs and functions. 

This saves you the burden of starting from zero and figuring out all the policy concepts alone. With the templates, you do not need experts; the in-house IT and risk management team can implement everything.

2. Consistent and Accurate Cybersecurity Implementation

Companies with no guidelines for implementing cybersecurity measures have to rely on different expert opinions. This leaves businesses vulnerable to mistakes and gaps when implementing cybersecurity guidelines. Since everything has already been formulated by CMMC and NIST security experts, the probability of mistakes is nearly zero. 

Failure to have a clear template will likely lead to mistakes mainly attributed to missing policies, incomplete procedures, outdated practices, and other challenges. Since you rely on experts, some of these policies may conflict, leading to future business challenges. These mistakes and gaps could easily lead to other challenges like regulation violations, failure to meet contract requirements and business disruptions. 

With NIST 800-171, you do not have to worry about these consequences as everything meets compliance guidelines and guarantees data security. Besides, these templates are also structured with the legal expert guidelines to ensure compliance with other international data laws and regulations.

3. Reputation and Expert Experience

If you seek certain contracts with big organizations, mainly the state and government agencies, you better prove you are ready for the roles. One way to do so is to show compliance with the CMMC regulations and guidelines. Since your business meets the NIST 800-171 template requirements, agencies can trust you to handle their data. This trust is significant for future contracts and business reputation. 

The efforts and compliance prove that you have invested time and expertise to show your suitability for the contract you have applied for. As such, the employer does not have to worry about anything since you can deal with all the threats and understand different roles and responsibilities. 

4. Expert Employee Training

Training your employees to understand all the critical cybersecurity concerns requires more effort, resources, and time. This can be more challenging when you do not have any guidelines on what to train the employees about. The NIST 800-171 is not only an implementation template but can also be the best training resource. 

Based on the template guidelines, you can personalize the training to focus on key concepts in training employees on their roles and responsibilities. Through training, your business will have the expertise and experience to meet all the compliance regulations and guidelines. Further, it can also train your employees on expectations, data handling, and security awareness. Through the best training resources, you can boost security awareness and accountability in the company. 

5. Ongoing Data Security and Audit Compliance

NIST templates 800-171 also focus on future and ongoing security and compliance measures. Therefore, it helps prepare the organization to ensure data security practices like ongoing risk assessments, timely audits, and other practices. All these practices make it easier for your organization to demonstrate future compliance and show readiness to deal with future risks. 

Through the ongoing processes, the company can address any threats, weaknesses, and gaps identified in the future. Eventually, the templates help your company to have the ultimate security framework supported by structured evaluation and data security review practices. 


To work with state, federal, and big corporations, you must follow all the NIST 800-171 guidelines. It would boost your chances of winning contacts and help you with in-house data and cybersecurity strategies. With these templates, you can quickly and timely implement cybersecurity compliance guidelines and policies without expert help. Additionally, use customized templates that meet your organization’s needs and functions. 

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