The same old talk, how to impress my crush, or how to attract her towards me? Well, the question is quite common, and it shows your complete lack of experience, and girls can tell that in a single talk with you. So, the thing that haunts most teenage boys is talking to their crush and asking them out. 

You can actually take advantage of your hidden emotions, show off a little bit of your compassion, and give her a Valentine Day gift with confidence. Most often, the problem happens with those who aren’t willing to change their shy nature or get involved with others. Attracting someone is as psychological as being physically appealing, so make sure you are going through all the things that can help you get into a healthy relationship this year:

How Do You Impress Your Crush With Certainty?

If you are an introvert and think of it as your curse, you might want to get into the details of that. Being an introvert doesn’t make you unattractive or loosen your capabilities to get girls; it actually gives you other properties that are actually attractive and unique. Introverts are mostly filled with emotions, and most of them are compassion and love for others, and you can totally take advantage of that.

Nowadays, everyone is getting a little bit over-smart, and it’s getting hard to get the girl of your dreams easily. So, you might need to add a little bit of spice to yourself and evolve your looks and personality with these mentioned tips:

Elevate Your Fashion Sense

One thing that attracts a girl is how you maintain yourself, keep your style on point, and look good in whatever you wear. This shows how much you put effort into your looks and hygiene and how well you’d go as her partner. To do that, make sure you aren’t wearing those baggy and block-coloured clothes everyone calls aesthetic. You want to look unique and confident, so you can go for slim-fit clothes that flaunt your body and make you look taller. 

Enhance Your Character Development

Well, what good your looks would do if you don’t even know how to express yourself? Being an introvert can work in favor of you here, as you might have better concentration and learning skills than others. You can watch character development videos; they can teach you how to remain calm during verbal conflicts and express yourself confidently.

Improve Your Verbal Communication

Now, the part where you have to improve your communication skills to make a presence for yourself. Whether you’re in school or in college, make sure you are getting involved in skits, presentations, and debates. It can really help you elevate your communication skills and get one step closer to your crush.

Ask Her Out

The thing that introverts are frightened of is actually talking to girls and confronting their feelings for them. And, when it comes to girls, they don’t make the first step, my friend, so you’d have to make the move first and ask her out on a date. Valentine’s week is here; you can take advantage of it and get her some teddy day gifts, along with deep talks. There you go, you are getting involved with a girl you like, and even if she rejects you, no worries, you are now capable of asking anyone out.

Be Outgoing

Girls love those guys who are outgoing and have a good presence on them. It basically means that guys who go out to meet new people automatically become more enthusiastic and irresistible to girls. Even if you don’t like to get out of your bed, convince yourself to do so, wear something nice, and go for a walk, hang out with friends, or go to cafes. These things can help you build self-confidence and have casual fun with others; being like that can really help you attract any girl you like.

Focus On Your Physical Appearance 

As much as these mentioned psychological hacks work on girls and other people, you can’t neglect the fact that you have to look good anyway. Make sure you are hitting the gym at least 4 times a week; it can really help you gain more weight if you are skinny or make you lose extra kilos if you are overweight. Anyway, doing exercise can sculpt your face, give you broader shoulders, and help you get some dates this Valentine’s Day as well.

Focus On Your Goals And Career

When you are doing all the things that you are passionate about, or you have to make a career out of it. Those things make you attractive in everyone’s eyes, whether it’s your crush or other girls around you. Make sure you aren’t flaunting your skill, as it can make you look a bit self-centered and arrogant; otherwise, you can work on yourself in every way. You can add some hobbies like MMA, going to the gym, arts or literature, or anything that makes you feel confident in your work.

The Bottom Line

When you are an introvert, it’s not a curse for you; it is actually your unique trait, which gives you better listening skills, intuition, and compassion that girls love in a guy. You can just do all the mentioned things, and in a few months, you can say goodbye to your past self. 


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